Breaking: Pastor Greg Locke Under Investigation by Tennessee Department of Children’s Services!

Y'all Pulpit & Pen has learned that embattled Tennessee Pastor and internet sensation Pastor Greg Locke of Mt. Juliet is under investigation by the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services (TDCS).

Pastor Greg Locke, a father of three, was accused by his estranged wife of spousal abuse earlier this year. After receiving multiple accounts from people local to Mt. Juliet, Pulpit & Pen reached out to the case worker in charge of Locke’s case and confirmed that Locke, who is currently going through a divorce, was indeed under investigation.   


  1. Father in the name of Jesus, we pray for this family...Abba Your desire is for family to stay together to product godly seed within the land, so Messiah we pray that if possible You RESTORE this family, help them to understand it's not about them but it's about obedience to Your WORD and their next generation. Abba, we also pray for AMERICA because Lord we need some help bad - Father, heal our LAND, heal our NATION, heal our PEOPLE. Help us to return back to YOU as our MAIN SOURCE - The LAND is crying but who's praying...we have epidemic's of DRUG USE, SEXUAL Perversion, Divorce, Abortion, Homosexuality, and the list goes on and on. Abba, help us to be watchman on the wall...

    If my People? Where are the People?

  2. The only reason they are after this man is because of what he preaches.
    Nothing was wrong UNTIL he preached against gay marriage and homosexuality NOW all of a sudden he is a woman beater and abuses his children...?!
    I'm not buying it at all until they have proof.


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