1,500 kids lost? What has our country become?

Don't anybody else dare come up in my comment section trying to tell me how I should respect this current president!  I am in awe of the human capacity this man has for cruelty. How do you dehumanize a whole community just based on skin, location, language? How do you just "lose" someone's children? 

The white evangelical church should be outraged as Christians, but they overwhelmingly did vote for him, so... This is outrageous, disgusting, atrocious...It is inconceivable to me that anyone would lack empathy to this degree to allow this to happen.

1 in 5 children separated from their parents by the immigration system this past year, the Government has no idea where they are. Documentaries have shown that they have released some directly to human traffickers. Trump wants to expand this practice...

( You Can Read It Here )


  1. Don't we know by now that heads of governments, senators, congressmen, elites, etc. are involved in human trafficking? It's big business and not just run by 2-bit hoods and pimps. It is as organized and financed as the drug trade is.

  2. YES!

    YOU woke!

  3. So now missing children is Trump's fault too...???!!
    Apparently this country had no issues before Trump became President and all of a sudden when Trump took office we became a sunken country headed for destruction.


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