Wont He Do It!??!?!?

Reader, in light of the recent allegations ( You Can Read About It Here ) against R&B Singer R. Kelly and "MeToo" Founder Tarana Burke’s call for the Tom Joyner Morning Show to stop supporting the singer.  Tom Joyner has announced he will no longer play the 51-year-old’s music. Could this finally be the beginning of the end?

I often wonder what it is about us that we don’t rally around our women and little girls when they are sexually abused?  When “The Tape” first came out years ago,  I marveled at how many people (especially women) defended R Kelly, saying that the minor child was “fast”, that she had probably seduced him, etc.

If those were little boys in that video, I believe beyond a shadow of doubt people would not still be making excuses for him 20yrs later. Also, I give the side-eye to Tom Joyner for this 20yrs-later, one year before retirement boycott. Better late than never, I guess.


  1. R. Kelly is one of the most gifted music producers in the world and I still like some of his old songs; however, I have been protesting him since "The Tape" came out. Let us pray to God in the name of Jesus Christ for His help in disciplining all of our minds and bodies so that we won't fall into a stronghold, such as sexual deviancy.

  2. Is this woman also boycotting other artists who have dealt with children and sexual abuse in children or is she just trying to keep her 15 minutes going faster.

  3. So Christian people applaud Joyner for his disassociation with R KELLY, but praise Marvin Sapp for collaborating with the same CHILD MOLESTER SEX TAPE PEDOPHILE, all because the FILTHTY SINGER mentions Jesus on an ALBUM? What does that say about GRAMMY AWARD, STELLA AWARD, BISHOP of MULTIPLE churches SAPP? We need to STOP THE MADNESS lest GOD rain JUDGMENT upon US.., and HE WILL. Keep on playing with HIM!

    1. Amen Anonymous. Reminds me of the song "What if God is Unhappy with our praise"...

  4. Some of these women are turning a blind eye to a famous man’s pedophilia are the same women that claim their daughters and nieces are “fast liars” when they confess that mom’s boyfriend molested them ����‍♀️����‍♀️����‍♀️����‍♀️

  5. He is just riding the ban R.Kelly wave which is very deserved might I add. It would have been more genuine if he had done this while R.Kelly was still hot. R.Kelly is losing public favor so that's the only reason people are distancing themselves from him. Not because they think what he did was wrong.


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