When Will All Pastors Black and White Start To Speak Out On Police Brutality??

Reader Pastor E. Dewey Smith JR and Pastor Dwight McKissic SR took to their social media platform Thursday to express their thoughts about the violent arrest of former NFL player Desmond Marrow by white officers after his cellphone is mistaken for a gun.

Until other TV preachers start talking about what I consider the most pressing issues in this country today, racism, discrimination, police brutality and their indiscriminate killing of unarmed Black men, and Donald Trump's racist and erratic behavior, I will not waste my time listening to anything they have to say. 

Kudos to Pastor Smith and Pastor McKissic:

GRAPHIC/DISTURBING– This is former NFL player Desmond Morrow at a plaza not too far from my house. He was accused of having a gun–his cell phone-slammed to the ground-lost teeth & consciousness. Henry County Police??? SICKENING! This MUST stop!! pic.twitter.com/WwPYA9WHvV — E. Dewey Smith (@edeweysmith) April 26, 2018 
GRAPHIC LANGUAGE–I hope the @HenryCoPolice Department takes ACTION!!!! Protect & Serve!??? One officer is SMILING???!!!!! This is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!! SICKENING!!!!#PoliceBrutality #JusticeForDesmond pic.twitter.com/jwOazqs8Rq — E. Dewey Smith (@edeweysmith) April 26, 2018 
The White Evangelical Church Need To Speak Out Against This Senseless Police Brutality. The Black Evangelical Church Need To Denounce The Senseless Murder Of Police Officers. I Denounce Both & Call For Accountability To The Fullest Extent For Both Sinful & Diabolical Acts. https://t.co/SItxJvqmTy — Dwight McKissic (@pastordmack) April 27, 2018 
When POTUS & the Nation dismisses the brutal treatment of an innocent citizen, for simply carrying a cell phone, as par-for-the course, or, “oh well”…it reminds me of MLK’s words:”Riots are the language of the unheard.” Please u ur voice to denounce violence, & not b dismissive. https://t.co/vEA0RbHW5I — Dwight McKissic (@pastordmack) April 27, 2018 
When u pastor the people who are most directly affected by police brutality, & fear their husband/brother/son(s)/nephew’s, r next in line 4 this treatment, u can’t be silent on this issue. It’s simply offering pastoral care to address it & offer prayers. We pray 4 Police too. https://t.co/5MoCyJMA2e — Dwight McKissic (@pastordmack) April 27, 2018 
Not my job to pass judgement on their salvation. It is my job to make sure cop killers & police brutalizers be held accountable. https://t.co/elpaVq9Fr1 — Dwight McKissic (@pastordmack) April 27, 2018

SOURCE: Twitter and Instagram


  1. Pastors speaking going to TWITTER to speak out against it makes no DIFFERENCE! This football player needs to get him a good lawyer, and even at that, it's no guarantee justice will be served. Just like the poor, injustice will be here until Jesus comes back. Not to come off as pessimistic, but REAL is JUST REAL!

  2. This is a heart issue.
    No matter of protesting, marching, crying, whining or complaining is going to change this.
    True leaders know this and will preach this.
    The heart is where all this begins and where it will end.
    Preaching against police brutality takes focus away from the gospel of Jesus Christ.
    Did not Jesus tell us that out of the heart comes these types of nasty, negative and foolish things?
    It is ONLY with a changed heart can there be a changed mind.

    1. LIKE... "Preaching against police brutality takes focus away from the gospel of Jesus Christ."


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