The Israelite Church Of God In Jesus Christ Leader Jermaine Grant Exposed!

Reader I've mentioned Jermaine Grant in this space before ( You Can Read It Here ) the leader of the Israelite Church of God in Jesus Christ, and another church official alleged diverted more than $5 million in church funds over nine years, according to the U.S. of Burlington Township.
 Grant was exposed by the most high as being a false prophet and greedy. Take heed, to who ever is out there pushing the word for filthy lucre, you might be next to get exposed. Calling himself  "The Comforter." a level of total disrespect that cannot be measured. Anyhow Grant had a hearing Wednesday on tax-evasion charges in federal court were the man who once posed as an “entertainment mogul ”was charged  in a scheme to avoid almost $2 million in federal income taxes, authorities said. 


  1. So almost exactly 3 years to the day, his behavior has brought him to this blog again. God has a sense of humor. He has set it so that every cell in the human turns over in 3 years. So with that principle in application I guess this leopard hasn't changed its spots...
    But, the root intent of the "Israelite" Doctrine has been uncovered. The love of $ and sexual immorality (polygamy). Just as with the 5%, 2% , Zulu Nation, Hotep, Black Muslims, Moors, Concious, Hip Hop, Pan African etc.. They all share those traits and teaching

  2. I don't see why anyone follows foolishness like this...?!


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