Rest In Power Dr.James Cone The Father of Black Liberation!!

Reader I am heart broken to hear this news.( You Can Read It Here ) A giant tree has fallen in the forest. Very saddened to hear Dr. James Cone made his transition. Thank you sir for your groundbreaking work and for the many women and men (myself included) who developed a different perspectives because you sharpened their iron. Rest In Peace and Power. I once saw Dr. James Cone on one of Tavis Smiley "State Of The Black Church" panel discussion, check out the clip below. 


  1. How sad. May his family and friends be comforted.
    Thankful for his gifts and sacrifices.

  2. He was the Father of Black Liberation Theology. My prayers goes out to his family and Union Theological Seminary.

  3. Sorry about his death. Can anyone here please give me some information about what is Black Liberation Theology. Do they believe what the Bible teaches?

    1. He preached that black Americans were not made for exploitation. Though all religions are flawed, when they are at their best they promote freedom, equality and love. When at their worst they promote slavery, selfishness, and hatred. I believe people choose their religion as a mirror of themselves. We should remember the part religion took to abolish slavery, while not forgetting its role as an apologist for the same. It can be the most noble or the most base of creeds. In the end, it comes down to the people who follow and endorse. It seems to always come back to PEOPLE. It is people who give any of this power.

    2. DISLIKE - "Though all religions are flawed, when they are at their best they promote freedom, equality and love."


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