Pastor Rickie G. Rush Stand Down False Claims Against Him!

Reader the Inspiring Body of Christ Church (IBOC) senior pastor Rickie G. Rush is facing recent false, defamatory rumors head-on. In December 2017, released an article wrongly accusing Pastor Rush of bad character and poor moral judgment. As of March 2018, Joy105 has retracted their claims, stating the following: Joy105 admires the work being done by Pastor Rickie G. Rush and the Inspiring Body of Christ Church.

( You Can Read It Here )


  1. I hate this happpened to him, very irresponsible reporting.
    I still believe he needs to preach the Word and stop that self help talk.

    1. I'm glad Dr. E.Dewey spoke up. People are always trying to bring gods people down with a rumor sometimes its because he preached a sermon they didn’t like are they didn't get enough attention ,pastor hold your head up GOD knows and he cares we love u thank god for his salvation i pray for them.

  2. Rush is a homosexual !!!Period !!! The worse kind because he goes after young boys in their teens !!!


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