Oprah Winfrey Sued By Pastor Who Made Serious Caims That She Stole From Him!

Reader Oprah Winfrey is being sued(You Can Read It Here) by a pastor who made serious claims that she stole from him... As Oprah Winfrey and the OWN network film prepare for the third season of “Greenleaf,” a pastor is coming forward with serious allegations against the former talk show host. According to online reports, a pastor is accusing Winfrey of stealing the idea for the hit show, “Greenleaf.” It has been reported that Pastor Lester Eugene Barrie and Shannan Lynette Wynn filed a lawsuit in federal court last week accusing Winfrey and the network of stealing their idea and profiting off of it.


  1. Oprah don't even know these fools hahahaa now to keep it 100 this story does some what mirror the life of Bishop J.O. Patterson and COGIC.
    I know his son from his first side chick and trust me seems to me like Oprah was trying to be real funny with this one.

  2. Are they serious? I know Bishop J.O Patterson out of wedlock son too,
    Benjamin Jimerson-Phillips. Been COGIC all my life. He's accusing Oprah
    of stealing his ideal for Green-leaf after she sent him a copy of his book he
    wrote about his Dad Bishop J,O Patterson and the COGIC. He even appeared
    on Bishop Earl Carter program complaining about Oprah stealing his ideal and how
    she wouldn't respond to him after he sent her a email about it...He now got a lawyer
    he even told how he was suppose to go on Oprah show but Bishop Ford went to Oprah
    and told her not to do a show on Ben'sbook b/c it would expose the COGIC . So Oprah
    wrote Ben back and said she couldn't do it..b/c Bishop Ford was a dear friend of her's.
    Benjamin even said he wrote Oprah and said he wouldn't sue her, if she would just give
    him a job as a consultant on her show(which sorry Benjamin) I thought that was dumb!!!
    You should be paid. I read his book and that show is dead on Ben's book...Well Oprah ignore
    that email to..so now he's got a lawyer. @ Chance Marq No disrespect but I take issues with you
    calling Benjamin mother a side chick...she was living with the Patterson's and from what I
    was told he would tip in her room and go with her....She was a youngster and Bishop J.O
    Patterson was a pastor and a Bishop of the COGIC carrying on like that. He did several young
    ladies like that..Remember Gospel Singer Stephen Wiley? Thats his son to...He went with his mother
    as a youngster...They even mention Steven name in J.O Patterson Jr ..not Sr Obituary. These
    frauds thats suing now ain't got a leg to stand on..now Benjamin do.

    They don't acknowledge Benjamin. J.O Patterson Sr didn't..but he told Bishop
    Ford in private that he probably wouldn't make it in(HEAVEN) because he got tons of kids
    scattered all around and he didn't acknowledge them. Yea I know Bishop Ford well
    Hope he's Resting In Peace...Ford said he knew he was wrong for covering for J.O ..
    Patterson SR. But it was something about the old boy he just felt protective of him.

    oh yes Benjamin said a few of the family do acknowledge him. He said he
    even went to our late Bishop G.E Patterson who is J O Patterson nephew
    but he didn't want to get involved.


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