Hart Family, Before Driving Off Cliff, Hid Dark Home Life From View!!

Y'all this story, is the epitome of white privilege, it's beyond disturbing( You Can Read It Here ). Two racists adopted six children of color, abused them for years without court intervention or forced accountability, then one of the women ultimately drove the entire family of eight over a California cliff last month. Two of the children's bodies have not been recovered, but they are presumed dead.

Too darn many red flags and no one did anything. I hate playing the race card, but I am afraid that if those ladies had been Black or Hispanic, Childcare Services would’ve removed the kids from their home immediately and the police would’ve been involved. The article says that they looked like good, normal people and that’s why no one got too involved; that’s why we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

I also read that there is legislation being introduced in MN that would address the disparities in child protective services ... Black, "mixed" and native families are disproportionately reported to child protection; their children are disproportionately removed; the kids are disproportionately showing up in the "foster care to juvenile detention" pipeline. Systemic racism is at work here. The NAACP MPLS is sponsoring this legislation, but the GOP controls the MN legislature.  


  1. I’ve been trying to adopt for five years. It’s situations like this that make it hard for people like me. The system needs to be overhauled and made better.

    1. Anonymous thanks for the comment, I pray that what ever is blocking you from becoming an adopted parent is removed in Jesus name.

  2. Ann this is such a horrible story why were they not investigated? because they were white women? ???

    1. Like I stated in the post I’m not one to play the race card, but in this case it’s obviously a factor here. So many people who had the power to stop this didn't. How much evidence do they need to not see neglect and abuse?? Neighbors reported it, schools reported it, and it was all ignored.

    2. LIKE - "So many people who had the power to stop this didn't."

      These lesbians received $2000 a month of taxpayers money, and abused and killed these kids. All officials involved in this case SHOULD BE FIRED IMMEDIATELY!

    3. Anonymous thanks for the like and the comment.

  3. As bad as I hate to say it, These children were almost doomed from the beginning. I have very little respect for their ittrspinsinke biological parents, having these children knowing they were unfit to take care of them. They allowed for their children to be put in a system where physical, emotional, and all other type ABUSE occurs. My heart goes out to these innocent little being of whom Jesus say suffer the little children to come into me. On top of the neglect by their own parents, the abuse they suffer at the game of the system, they suffered fur years under the "parenting" of two deranged and mentally ill lesbians. It's a known fact that homosexual suffers more from depression and other psylogical disorders. I apologize if I'm coming across as judgmental, thats not my ontent.

    When people (me oncludrd) transgress against God, evil will persist. The LORD calls for a man and a woman to marry, he fruitful and multiply. Parents are to nurture their children and set a godly example before them.
    What HAPPENNED here is a tragedy. We all should learn a lesson from this.


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