Deacon Woodrow Karey Who Killed Louisiana Pastor Ronald Harris Has Been Found Not Guilty!!

Reader September 2013 a Louisiana deacon admitted to walking into a Louisiana church and killing Pastor Ronald Harris, has now been found not guilty. Woodrow Karey was charged with manslaughter for shooting Harris to death back in September of 2013.

Karey said his reason for killing the pastor was because he raped his wife and she couldn’t get away from him. Karey took the stand in his own defense last week, testifying that the last thing his wife told him before he shot Harris was that the pastor had come into their home and raped her. He told jurors that “the pastor had raped his wife and she couldn’t get away from him.”

Karey testified that the day everything started he was watching football with his son and grandchild when he received a vulgar text message that was meant for his wife. It contained derogatory statements about Karey and his wife including one statement that said: “Your family will suffer.” Karey told jurors that he took that statement as a threat and explained that he believed Harris had raped his wife continuously.

 He also took nude photos of her, physically abused her, and threatened her with a gun. He testified that he believed he and his family were in danger. After 3 hours, the jurors came back with a not guilty verdict. The not guilty verdict was especially heartbreaking for Harris’s mother, wife and daughter Talisha who was there, in church, when the shots were fired. “It has affected the church members, our family, a lot of us are seeing psychiatrists, we’re on different types of meds, we have nightmares, our kids have nightmares, and things like that so it really has changed our lives,” said Talisha Jacko.


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