Calling Out Sexism In Today's Church!??!?!

Reader the above flyer has really struck a nerve with some online Christian sisters....who think that sexism in the church needs to be heard and it needs to be called out. Why enter into ministry if you know that this is what you will face? It's a shame that women experience sexism when it comes to their call to ministry. Check out what this young Christian sister had to say: 

This is a panel of all women discussing what it takes to be a great *office assistant* to the pastor. There is a panel of all men discussing what it takes to be a great *pastor*. I am not at all suggesting that these sisters do not take their jobs seriously or are not good at what they do. I am recognizing the inherent sexism in suggesting, by way of these two panels, that the only thing women can do in the church is be the pastor's secretary. If it's unintentional (and I don't believe that it is because the conference host is deeply patriarchal), it's tone deaf at best.


  1. I can't wait to see the comments on this one, lol.

    1. Thank Timezone for the comment, someone said in a comment that “ain’t it a shame that the one time we get all women on a flyer is when we’re talking about the church secretary?”

    2. Ain't nothing wrong with being a "church secretary". God honors their work just as much as he honors the work of a Pastor.

  2. It's sad knuckle heads from the peanut gallery are the ones complaining about the role of the women in church. I've been a part of several churches for a long period of my life and I've rarely heard of women in the congregation making a stink and fuss about their roles. Most women inside these churches understand and agree the positions and titles held by men and women. Women serve in many ways using their gifts like listed in the Bible to edify the body, and most I know are happy in serving the LORD, the way he blessed them. When internal strife occurs it's usually because people (men and women) are operating in the flesh.

    There seems to be some who seek to cause division saying women can lead, but those are very few in number. These women usually branch off and start their own churches. In my opinion, this idea of sexism in God's house is mentioned by "outsiders" who hate God and Christianity and the way God designs order among His people in worship. I don't buy into this claim of sexism and misogynism because I know the devil uses his demons knocking on the door trying to rape God's people like they did in Sodom. Most of these outside influences stem from the feminism and lesbianism movements.

    We need to wake up people and not get carried away by any wind that blows. You hardly hear of any regular attending Church woman complaining "we need more woman" in the Pastor. This conference has a very good and sound basis to it. The church has enough problems as is. No need to "create" a situation just to take a blind sided knock at it for little or no reason at all.

  3. Sexism...?!
    Where is sexism in the Bible?
    I thought the Bible set doctrine concerning leadership in the church?
    Or does society?


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