Are Christians Commanded To Tithe?

Reader must Christians adhere to the Old Testament practice of tithing to remain in God's will? Does God even ask a tithe of Christians?

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  1. I have heard so many pastor preach on the importance of tithing as it relates to our salvation.

    We you read the Bible and what the apostles had to say about tithing, you know what you get.

    Jesus made a passing comment about how there are more important matters than tithing, but nothing about remaining in Gods will or it being necessary for Christians.

    If tithing is such an essential part of the Christian faith, then Apostles failed in their writings to let the rest of us know about its importance.

    I don’t thing the act of tithing is inherently wrong, but it’s not necessary to be in his will.

    1. Cop you are correct, tithing is not essential to salvation.
      That being said I will say this:
      As for me and my house, we have had MUCH BETTER results using 90% of our income with God's Covenant Blessing than 100% of our income with just our thoughts and plans.
      What don't I have by tithing? Stress, eviction notices , lack. What do I have?
      My needs met at my level, which are caused by ability to find bargains, ability to save, favor with retailers and creditors, and wisdom on when and what to purchase so that I don't end up with more month than money. My tithing is based on the Abraham model, as I have enough for food and raiment, I will give a tenth of everything that crosses my hand.

    2. I agree with that tithing is not required as part if our salvation. In 2 Corinthians 9:6-15, Paul taught Grace giving, joyful giving, not grudgingly of by compulsion. Some ministers teach that under Grace giving, 10 percent is the starting point; because we are not under the law which was the tithe, we should give more than the tithe.

      I tithe and give offerings and the Lord has blessed my 90% just as Anonymous has stated.

      One of the main problems I have with preachers us almost no one teaches contentment 1 Timothy 6:6-10 and then we are shocked when Pastors and the flock are caught up in get rich quick greed schemes. Really? Lots of churches are breeding the people to be greedy.

  2. This might be a little off point, but I really hate to see people walking up during the service, at all different times (even during the preaching), and placing money down on the so-called pulpit (as in the picture above). I feel it is only attention-getting and ignorant, and takes away from the order of the service. Black folks are masters at making up stuff you never heard or have ever seen before. I can name a dozen more. (And yes, I am Black)

    1. I agree. People do this when something said resonates with them, as if they are putting a down payment on whatever it is, or putting it in the lay away. If a few people put money down, sometimes it causes a chain reaction and a flood of people bring money down to show they are believing God too. SMH.

      Have you heard any preachers teach against this practice? Why not?

  3. As others have stated, there is no New Testament command to tithe from either Jesus or any of the Epistle writers so however much an individual gives, as long as it isn't coerced or grudgingly done, can be inferred as acceptable to God. However with the results of those giving 10%, causation does not equal correlation so we must be careful on that end because when someone else doesn't have the same or similar experiences when they give or tithe, they may become disillusioned with the ebtentir of the church and faith altogether.

  4. I tithe of my time and talent. How God leads me to bless the homeless, feed the hungry, give away bags and boxes of shoes and clothes, that’s tithing. I caters, and I give my service away that’s tithing as well. The days of lining the preachers pockets are long gone for me. Most of the time, money is being misappropriated and the widows, fatherless children and others in need, never get a dime from the church.

  5. This is one of those subjects that I have decided to do what I believe is best. My denomination (COGIC) believes in tithing so I tithe and give my offering and time. Will it hurt to tithe if I didn't have to tithe? No. Will it hurt not tithe and I was supposed to tithe? Yes.
    What we fail to realize is that OBEDIENCE is better than our sacrifices.
    If you church/leader believes in tithing and you are not tithing then you are being disobedient to the leader of the house.
    Bottom line: If you are in a ministry and they believe in tithing its best to inform your leader of your decision and find a church that believes as you do.
    Being disobedient will get you nowhere.

    1. You’re suggesting to leave your church because you’ve come into the knowledge of the truth about tithing? That’s not good advice. Of course COGIC teaches tithing, how else would Blake be trying to sell his mansion in Beverly Hills? My heart doesn’t condemn me for not paying tithes. God loves a cheerful giver, and that’s exactly what I am. My salvation isn’t based off of works, and certainly not off of paying tithes.


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