Apostle Jonathan Ferguson Dispute Snoop Dogg's Claim That The Church Is For Those Who Are Trying To Get Their Life Right.

Reader somebody’s got to call this stuff out and the young Apostle Jonathan Ferguson did just that on his Facebook page last week:

"REPENTANCE is for those who’re trying to get their lives right, NOT CHURCH! Too bad he didn’t check the Bible before forming his theory...anyone can throw a scripture out there or jump on the bandwagon. This is why we are taught to dissect the word. Unbiblical statements, such as quoted on this picture, play on the emotions of all who have not investigated the word of God properly.

Sinners are always welcome. We need to welcome another important word. Repentance.


  1. Finally, I totally agree! Thank God for a voice of truth!

    1. Sinner are always welcome ,but they are not to stay if they do not repent

    2. So sinners one on. They don't repent, and WHAT? We tell them to Leave? How's that gonna happen?

    3. ***So sinners come in...

    4. what is the basic function of the church? one is to get people to come, repent and get a new start at living right. I was taught to know the word of God for yourself but never taught to dissect it. In my opinion, dissecting God's words has led to many versions of the bible. Now when you don't know God's word for yourself, it is very easy for a man with bad intentions to pose as a pastor, twist God's words to make himself sound righteous just to get you and others to do what he wants done which is how greed becomes interrelated with tithes. So if the church isn't for people to come and get their life right and themselves together....what is it really for?

  2. I agree as well. We are called to EVANGELIZE the world and Bring them in, rather thsn the world just come in any way they wish. We just dont talk about going out to knock on doors. Preach n the malls and highways and byways passing out tracks like we used to. When we fail to go out, the devil is goimg to send them in.

    1. LIKE - "We are called to EVANGELIZE the world and Bring them in, rather than the world just come in any way they wish. "

  3. Well, can't debate that.
    He told the truth.

  4. They are both correct. NO ONE currently attending church has achieved a perfect life. We ALL fall short on a daily basis. And 100% of the time, those that think they have achieved a perfect Christian life should evaluate how they treat others. I guarantee you there is still room for improvement.

    It appears Apostle Ferguson was trying to be deep, grand, and wonderful. Church people are more messed up than a lot of so called sinners. It’s like most of you live to come at people from a hateful position. Put your rules and regulations and condemnation you like to bind people with away.


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