New Book Alert From Pastor William Dwight McKissic,Sr., Controversial Conversations!

Reader Pastor Dwight McKissic, Sr., pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, TX, is releasing a new book titled, Controversial Conversations: Kingdom Reflections On Biblical & Contemporary Issues. Monday, March 26th. The street date is Monday, April 2nd. It will be available wherever fine books are sold including Amazon, Amazon Kindle, Barnes&, Barnes & Noble Nook, and
In the book, he addresses a broad range of topics including:

*The Baptist Church and the Holy Spirit
*The Contributions of Africa and Africans in the Bible
*The Southern Baptist Convention and Race Relations
*The Church, Homosexuality, and Contemporary Society*A Letter to My Grandchildren

Written in the midst of some of the most consequential times in the history of America and the Church, this collection of over 30 essays by Pastor Dwight McKissic, Sr., provides a biblical perspective on issues affecting the Church, the Black community, and American society. ( You Can Read The Rest Here )


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