'National Geographic' Reckons With Its Past: 'For Decades, Our Coverage Was Racist'!

Reader growing up in the deep south, National Geographic was a favorite magazine of mine. It's safe to say that it contributed to my curiosity about the world. However, as much as I enjoyed the magazine and it's beautiful photography, the images of people of color depicted as savages definitely had a psychological impact. Words, reinforced by images, are powerful instruments in the toolkit of institutionalized racism.

The magazine decided it had better take a good hard look at its own history So the April issue is devoted to the subject of race, including asking a professor of African history and the history of photography to dive through the magazine's archive. They found a long tradition of racism: in text, choice of subjects and photography. Here's what it found.( You Can Read It Here)


  1. Do you all know that until the 1970s National Geographic all but ignored people of color who lived in the United States, rarely acknowledging them beyond laborers or domestic workers?

    1. Well this is bizarre. I see 2 biracials and no aboriginals on the cover of the magazine. So how are they getting serious about race? It's a con. There is man (aboriginals of the earth) created by God and a kind of man aka mankind (neanderthal + man hybrid) created by....I wont go there. So unless they are discussing that Caucasians & Asians have atleast 2% Neanderthal genome and rhesus monkey blood, then this is trickery. Unless they are discussing the Troglodyte Niger then they ain't talking bout nothing!

      Truth is, the pale ones are have a 0% birthrate and could go extinct in 20 years, which is why they are promoting SWIRLING heavy. Primarily White males with Black Women. They are seeking to graph themselves into the hue-man family. Therefore, talks of healing racism is helpful to their cause to promote the rise of the mulatto. You don't think Obama & Meghan Markle are accidents?

      It's time Black folk get honest about race. Know thyself.

  2. As a young girl, I was always ashamed of the naked-breast female natives on different multiple islands, and the white 'explorers' in their midst!


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