Gospel Music Industry Has Really Changed.

How did we get here, and who really representing the Gospel Music Industry?


  1. The gospel music industry is a business whose focus is making money. If a soul is saved, great, but that’s not the objective. Additionally, the people who buy the music can more or less dictate the sound. However, with all of the money that people pour into churches, there’s definitely an opportunity for the church to establish an alternative platform to the current gospel music industry where they can create, promote, and put out music with artists who are more aligned with their values and the sounds they want to hear.

    1. Several high-profile churches are already developing in-house labels to address the last part of your statement. Remember, it is a business and the artists have to make a living. Also, the labels have a say as to who performs at the Stellar's and Dove's. Don't want guys like Snoop performing at these events, cultivate a strong ministry like Jekalyn Carr. She is indie, but has performed at the Stellar's and other events. Just as listeners can determine the sound of gospel, they can influence based on Biblical principles.

  2. You can analyze it all you want: just Satan using who and whatever means to try to make a mockery out of the church. These folks are laughing at you!

  3. But folks was jumpin up and down when Snoop announced a gospel album! Folk defended B Slade's right to cuss the church out under the judge not/he who is without sin cast the first.. umbrella. And then there's the "ooh" Tonex is my favorite, I loved Out the Box" and the "you don't know if they witnessing to Snoop" crowd.
    Here's the deal: nothing wrong with them coming to church, the doors are open, but let 'em sit a spell, be a student and show some FRUIT b4 ya run them up on stage.
    But folk seem to be enamored with celebrity.


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