Does Evangelist Jekalyn Carr Have The Life Experience To Be Doing These Types Of “testimonies”?

Y'all know Evangelist Jekalyn Carr is one of my favorites in the Gospel Entertainment world.  This Is My Winning Season is my go-to anthem. Jekalyn Carr is not your typical teenaged girl. At the tender age of 20, she is a highly anointed Evangelist, minister and national recording artist that is taking the gospel music industry by storm. Her current CD My Winning Season made its debut at the top of Billboard’s Top Gospel Albums. 

People that have heard Jekalyn can testify that she sings every song with a heartfelt conviction that resonates with the listener. This is evident with her hit song, "It's My Winning Season". Not only is this song getting strong airplay but it is changing people’s lives around the world. 

In this interview Jekalyn talks about her ministry, protecting her anointing, and so much more. Well,  some on social media are questioning here testimony with Cliffton Davis in the above interview, saying that she's much too young for such a powerful testimony. So that got me to thinking, as Christians do we ever consider the power of our own testimony? What about the lack of? 

 Each and every one of us has a story, and that is what a testimony is. But, what if your testimony doesn't line up with your life? Our testimony is the proof of the existence of something in our life – and as a Christian, we are showing the existence of God and His Authorship in our life. With that being said, can someone be too young for certain types of testimonies?  


  1. Ann this is nothing but church culture...I think it's admirable that she followed God at a young age but sometimes you can overdue it. I know when I was in church that's all I knew and I didn't have a life and that was damaging. I hope she's sincere and does have a life.

    1. What do you mean church culture? I love her and her music and I can’t wait to get ahold of her book.

  2. What can she tell me? I been out of high school longer than she been alive ?! It does sound and come across as very performative. You can go to he last 12 sermons of any Pastor within a 10 mile radius and literally pick out every phrase, cadence and idea she stated.

  3. Shameka Jackson-BaldwinSaturday, 24 March, 2018

    Ms. Ann you and your readers should do the #YOUWILLWIN challenge and watch God move, it works, 21 days of applying the word 2 Cor 2:14 it was so good �� I went beyond 21 days the Lord began to deal with me to play the recording in the morning for encouragement and read the book there are steps to help identify and define your Win ppl of God it works living in the overflow.

  4. I love the ministry that the Lord has put down inside this young lady! Greatness!!!!!!!

  5. In my humble opinion, this young woman has had a divine experience with Jesus Christ. The fire and anointing of the Holy Ghost is all in and over her! The anointing that breaks and destroys yokes and that makes the differences. She cares something very strong and powerful.

  6. �������� It's my winning season. Think beyond where you are and know that dream you dreamt, God had already equipped you with what it takes to make it your reality. The question is, do you believe! I believe and receive all what God has for me. Take God out of the box for he is a limitless God. This was a powerful message.

  7. I been watching her ministry since she was 9yrs of age..

  8. All that talking and not one Scripture. I'm so sick of the 'people of God' dressing up new age motivational speaking as the Holy Spirit. I

  9. God can use who wants, no matter their age, colour, status, or agenda. We can all learn from anything or anyone, consider the ants small but wise. This woman is anointed and appointed by God.


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