Did Pastor And Gospel Singer Donnie McClurkin Once Have Ties To A 'Gay Cure Cult'??

Reader a Twitter user by the name Achmat X, has accused Preacher/Pastor and Gospel Singer Donnie McClurkin Jr. of having ties to Exodus International, a homosexual conversion organization with a disturbing history of sexual abuse allegations.

( You Can Read It Here)

The individual claimed his mother enrolled him in Exodus years ago, and Pastor Donnie had “formed a religious gay cure cult” via the organization. “The dudes that ran it took advantage of us,” he wrote in the first series of now-viral tweets. “I lost my virginity in gay cure therapy.”

He went on explaining that the organizers kicked him out after he told his parents about the abuse and that he “resisted God’s help.” Fortunately, he said, he’d never experienced some of the organization’s alleged inhumane treatments for “victims” of homosexuality, such as electric shock therapy. However, the trauma suffered from sexual and mental abuse still lingers, he said.


  1. What is gay cure therapy? Leave people alone.

  2. My family still is very close with Pastor McClurkin and don’t know I’m part of the LGBT community. I’m actually visiting them atm and have been avoiding going to PFC.

    1. Why in the hell are you apart of the LGBT community?

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  4. It’s truly sad to see the extent that people will go to to try to control man. If you’re gay, you’re gay! There’s no changing or reversing it. Donnie should know, because he is, has, and will always be gay. This conversion foolishness has caused so much unnecessary pain to so many CHILDREN across the nation and has successfully converted NO ONE from gay to straight.


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