Bishop Jakes Has Apologized!!

Reader "THE BISHOP" himself has spoken. This means that someone has got his attention for real for real, for him to actually issue a reply to the incident. I don't know if an APOLOGY will fix this, what do you all think? I don't know if money will help either.  I think those people need to be terminated and she needs to be brought on to the stage/pulpit and apologized to PUBLICLY the same way she's been publicly humiliated. Even if she is the one who put the video up, the fact that she has a video of being violated is bad in itself. Money won't make them recognize the severity of what happened here. I mean sure she can buy some stuff but not her good name or her dignity. 

(you can read it here)


  1. LOL! The BISHOP has spoken.
    So is he breaking her off some of that “women thou art loosed” money to help this sister cope with the abuse she has suffered?

  2. Aren't people yet tired of even looking and listening to him? The ones involved in violating the girl should all be excommunicated. And when will black men have respect to their own women? Would Brandon have treated a white girl like that? You can bet your two-bit dollar that he would not have.

  3. If they didn’t fire everyone involved in the video, the apology means nothing.


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