We Won’t Join Your Church- A Letter To Church Leaders!

Reader, sadly this is the story of many. I grew up a church girl, it’s sad to see this occurring, but I believe it’s in direct relation to the fact that many said they were called and sent, but in actuality they just went. This also speaks to the lack of accountability in certain areas in the body of Christ. I read this thoroughly before I linked it. I'm not linking this to cause division, or even to cast blame. But when a person makes a tough decision that changes their life when it comes to leaving a fellowship, it's often assumed it was because of offense or not wanting to submit. But yet there are various reasons people do eventually leave and sadly some of these reasons are valid. It doesn't apply to all but it's still strong validity to it.

Letter Here:
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  1. Wow!! This brother described some aspects my former church to a tee!! The description probably fits many other churches as well.

    1. THIS PART ���� “You called us to the altar to cease from our work but rarely went there yourself. We watch you preach a gospel and a standard that you never upheld. You never spoke earnestly and honestly to us about your own challenges and struggles with the Word of God. You portrayed a reality on Sunday that you kept deviating from on Monday. It would be fine if you were open and honest about it. We could give grace if we knew that you battled anger and jealousy and rage. But, you were so blind to your own weaknesses and far too discerning of ours.”

  2. This man is reading my mind. I read both the letter and watched the video explanation. The man was right to write this letter. Churches in the 21st century are more about image than trying to help millennials walk in discipleship. Spiritual abuse is a serious problem in the black church. I thought it was interesting about how he listed Bishop Neil Ellis' church (Mount Tabor) and Dr. Mattie Nottage (Believer's Faith International) as churches he attended. Those two churches have international influence and in the case of Believer's Faith, those videos went viral thanks to YouTube. However, what is captured in those videos were highlighted not only on this blog but G. Craige Lewis's blog as well. Until churches stop doing things which cause great emotional and spiritual harm, we will still have the "nones" and "dones."

  3. Ms. Ann this is soo good. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This right here: “We got tired of being berated on one end and enticed with empty promises on the next-Our secrets and failures became the substance of your presentations. You declared woe unto us for our failings and told us to quickly cease lest we come under God’s judgement. You taught us to fear God and to fear disagreement with you. Those you had issues with were the subject of your sermons and we all sat quietly because you were and are the man and woman of God. “ This happened to me! I refused to enter another church (for 8 years) until recently. I’m afraid to know anyone personally in church because I don’t want to become the topic of discussion.


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