Prophet Elvis Mbonye Has A Dinner (with no food) As His Followers Line Up To Kiss His Feet!!

Reader, this is demonic behavior at its worst.  Where in the world do believers get the idea to kiss the feet of one who calls themselves prophets? I don’t even feel sorry for the fools who follow such ignorance, for who is more foolish, the fool, or the fool who follows the fool?

 Those who follow these false prophets will perish with them. Study the Bible for yourself, so that you can determine whether one is walking in true or false doctrine!Idolatry! Lot's of today's pastors are confused about who they're called to be. You are called to serve, to be servants not to be some sort of celebrities worshipped by man. This is the lowest office one would be called to work but you've somehow elevated it to some VIP status. 
(go to 3:51mark)


  1. First off why do these so called "people of gawd" treat their own so badly, secondly, why are these Africans so dam STUPID after this foolishness?


  2. A "dinner gala" that had NO food and NO drinks? It takes a special kind of person to attend an event like this. It's a fraud and so is the man that let people kiss his feet.

  3. 4:20 - 4:26.. is so demonic. That's IF, this dude was saying that all of this is an expression of GOD's IMAGE. Unreal.. God's image is waaaaaaaay deeper than this fooolishness.


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