Pastor Jamal Bryant, I'm Not Particularly A Fan Of This Photo??

Reader who is the one who sits upon the throne? Is this Jesus?Pastor Jamal Bryant is sitting on a throne as if he is God and his followers on Instagram are actually applauding him as if he is a God. If I remember correctly there's ONE Kingdom that we are called to exalt in the earth and that is the KINGDOM OF GOD. There is ONE God, ONE Lord, ONE savior who sits on that throne and HIS name is JESUS. 


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    1. Timezone, what in Jacobs ladder is going on?

    2. Lol.. Anonymous, the situation is just getting worse and worse.

  2. Ms. Ann, that throne is the Symbol of BAAL! The horns of the God BAAL WITH THE SUN DISK IN THE CENTER! BAAL THE GOD OF THIS WORLD! Maybe yall knew that already it the same SYMBOL FOR THE UNITED NATIONS.

    1. Which is why I haven't ran to see the movie yet! I only RUNNING to JESUS...

  3. This black panther stuff has going way to far folks....please people get back to studying the WORD of GOD!!! People are getting to carried away...nothing about this movie was scriptural. Yes it was a nice look for black actors but thats it! it exalt Jesus in no way. matter fact most of the symbolism in this movie was pagan...please please please wake up and start studying to show thyself approved. this is a shame.

  4. Poorly thought out marketing on this one

  5. Jamal is a carnival act that loves to put on a show.

    He will
    Dress up like a football player to take a knee,
    Quote a rap song to please the ears,
    display a Bentley on his web-site to please the eyes,
    And put himself sitting on the throne to please HIS pride.

    He has no business pastoring a church.

  6. Another narcissist

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  8. Churches That Have Throne-Like Chairs For Their Pastors To Sit On Up In The Pulpit Need To Be Removed Also. Shalom


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