Jesus Take The Wheel: A Secret Meeting With Chicago's Black Pastors Goes Wrong!!!

Reader so these two young activists (in the above pic) busted into a secret meeting yesterday in a Chicago Southside church, criticizing a bunch of black pastors for “secretly” meeting with gubernatorial candidate JB Pritzker and threaten to knockout one of the clergyman, the gubernatorial candidate an oppressor, claim to be taking a knee on him, post the license plates of pastors attending, called the pastors fake and frauds and again threaten a old guy (Pastor) with the claim that was going to right hook him and knock the Spirit out that Mf’er, only to turn around and have a meeting with JBP and do a photo op.

Video Here 

Chenier Alston: 
Listen, people, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had private meetings with Lyndon B. Johnson, the 36th president of the United States of America. Lyndon B. Johnson was the one president who did more for black people as far as policy is concerned while in office than any other president(Voters right act, Civil Rights Act). Oh, by the way, he was white and had some prejudices toward our people but that didn’t stop Dr. King (A Pastor) from sitting down and meeting with him. And Dr. King wasn’t a sellout. Just because pastors sit down and meet with any political figure doesn’t make them sellouts or bootleg.   


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