Can A Person Be Saved But Not Believe In Hell? Pastor Carlton Pearson Speaks Decades After Declaring Hell Doesn't Exist!

Reader fifteen years ago Pastor Carlton Pearson declared to his congregation that Hell doesn't exist. With the release of a new movie that documents his fall, Pearson tells Scott Thompson KJRH he's never felt healthier, happier or holier. This interview seems a little more in-depth then what he did with Bishop George Bloomer.


  1. Yes here he is again! Mr. New Age false teacher fooling and taking the masses down with him to the place he says doesn't exist. Dangerous charismatic person! I wonder how his beloved Pentecostal father felt about this before he died. Guess I would have to pay to see the movie to find out. These false teachers will try to get your money one way or another (if you let them)!

  2. I always like to answer this question with other questions.

    If there is no hell why would anyone NEED TO BE SAVED?!?!

    Why spread the gospel to people if NOBODY is going to hell???

    Why even do good works if there is no consequences for your actions???

    It would also mean the Bible is false and all that is in it is questionable.

    1. I definitely agree with every one of these questions and they are Biblical sound. These are the last days Jesus, Paul, Peter, Jude, and John talked about and warned us of in the Bible. God cannot lie. It is written.

  3. @Cop, That's a good question!! Great point!

  4. Well, he is more close to finding out than his young followers. He'll is real, if was not why would Jesus allow John to speak of it in Revelation .

    So much in the word of God, that one would be a fool to follow such foolishness . This man begin looking like a devil his demeanor .

    The Devil saw a Great Man with a Weak Mind and betrayed him. Pearson was so Anointed, with his Azua Street my God one convocation he had was so powerful, he was about to surpass COGIC, the man was on fire. BAM,he let his mind deceive him and reading books,I guess.

    Yes I hate to see a great man Goto Hell: But he has went again the Son that came down and redeemed man from Sin, Hung Bled, Beat, Mocked, for us that we might have a tree of life

    Do you believe in Death Pearson?
    Where did your Father go-Your Father went to Heaven because, he did not go along with you sickmind. Yes you have corrupt your wife

    Remember me, I said,I hope you don't corrupt your Children ,your wife go Angry,

    I ain't trying to save you are your followers,your beliefs it is what it is, HOWEVER MY I am telling my Children and Grandchildren , Sisters and Brothers my Cousin, Friends , Enemies Strangers-He'll is Real,

    God God all Power, However Satan mess with your mind and weak minded peoples,

    Please readers, He'll is real do you want to burn forever , don't worry about world ending be ready when your world end*JESUS IS THE ANSWER,



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