45 Wants To Slash Food Stamps And Replace Them With A 'Blue Apron Type Program'.

Reader I think this a horrible idea. I grow up on welfare and we use to get food that came in one of those boxes discussed in the article including powdered milk. Let me be clear; the nutrition value of the food in those boxes was zero. The “blue apron”program is actually more costly and inefficient than food stamps at $10 per meal for the boxed food program in comparison to the $1.37 per meal that the food stamps program currently provides. The shipping alone will be quite costly than the actual food stamps themselves and will be very hard n costly to deliver. All of this so his buddies and distribution companies shipping and on Wall Street can make more money and collect more tax breaks.

(You Can Read It Here)

What do you think about POTUS proposal? I’m curious to hear other people thoughts on this matter.


  1. Good! Most of the people who voted for him are food stamp recipients. Let them know exactly what making America great again really means.

  2. It sounds like a terrible idea to me. As a child we received government food: peanut butter, cheese, powdered milk, beans and food stamps so we could buy other things.

    How will the government know what someone wants to eat for dinner so they can send the correct canned goods?

    Hopefully, the lobbyist from Wal-Mart, Aldi, Target and others will go to work at putting a stop to this plan.

    1. "How will the government know what someone wants to eat for dinner so they can send the correct canned goods?"

      Unfortunately, that's the idea. According to President Trump, beggars can't be choosy.


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