Pastor Rick Warren Lit A Fire Under Some Of His Followers When He Tweeted Psalm 36:2-4!!

Reader Pastor Rick Warren has lit a burning fire under some of his followers early today when he tweeted Psalm 36:2-4. Some are accusing him of attacking 45 with the tweet. All I can say is the best thing about Scripture is it speaks for itself, convicts the heart when necessary, and so many other things... but the best thing is when it’s spoken/read it does not return void. Stand up Rick to the racism that you see and hear from him. Haha, I'm waiting for other local ministers to speak out lest they alienate some of their "flock".


  1. Wow, as you said, the scripture speaks for itself!

  2. What if his tweet had nothing to do with The President?

  3. I think this is hilarious.

    All he did was post a scripture (with no reference to anyone) and right away the Trump defenders RECOGNIZE (and unknowingly validate) that the scripture could easily describe 45’s behavior and personality.

    Scripture cuts both ways.

    If a verse you don’t like describes you (or your President) perfectly IT’S NOT CHANGING BECAUSE YOUR FEELINGS ARE HURT.
    You need to check yourself.

  4. I hope false teacher Rick is shining this scripture right back on himself! He should realize that he is talking about his own deceitful self! I am so sick of these false teaching pastors.


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