Low-Income Communities Are Struggling to Support Churches!!

Reader if you are a church leader, read this article. If you are a denominational leader, read this article, then print it and put it under your pillow and read it again in the morning before your prayer time. It's a great article!

"Churches are not just faith institutions; they are economic institutions, too. And church life in general seems to be falling along economic lines: Churches of all sizes proliferate the suburbs and the tonier parts of America’s urban cores, while in lower income, economically stagnant neighborhoods, churches tend to be very small, very old, and in general, not as active in their community."

"Church attendance is correlated strongly to higher levels of education and income. Working class and poorer families are less likely to participate in a religious community than any other socioeconomic group."



  1. As a church plant in downtown Jacksonville, I've seen this first hand. We are by no means are struggling in the ways many churches are, but there's no doubt that the evangelical flight to the suburbs over the last few decades has had an impact. There are no quick-fix, programmatic, parachute-drop answers for poverty and racial division, only faithful presence over the long haul from communities of faith who have a kingdom vision for the future. Grateful for those who've gone before us who've led the way in our city, and praying our church would have the courage to continue to see Jesus leading into these places.

  2. Ms. Ann this is a great read on the challenges faced by our small local churches. The setting for this article is a Hispanic neighborhood in Texas, but the struggles are the same across the United States from every racial background. Thank you for posting it.

  3. I agree this was a very interesting read! Also, happens to be what my home church in north mpls has been going through the past several years. We have made a strong switch over to serving the people in our neighborhood, but like the article states, it doesn’t necessarily help keep the doors open. But now are in partnerships with other large churches that support is financially so we can continue to serve the community with our food shelf and Daycare. Our pastor is now in a position to help teach and mentor other struggling north side churches.


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