Lord Have Mercy Here We Go Again, Pastor Greg Locke Allegedly Left His Covenant Wife For A New Thang!

Reader here we ago again with just only nine days into 2018. We've gotten news of a well-known internet pastor by the name of Greg Locke has fallen from his position as pastor.  It's being reported that he's in a known relationship with the church secretary her name is Tai, who is also married and will be separated if not already separated, and in a relationship with Mr. Locke.

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Mr. Locke is trying to justify his putting away of his covenant wife by making accusations that his wife is mentally incompetent. The majority of the "true" Christians in the church that know this is unbiblical are in the process of leaving the church or have already left the congregation, because of this known unbiblical relationship with a person who is not his wife. These types of issues always cause division or splits within the church body.

Greg Locke Puts Away Wife, Finds New Girlfriend


  1. Not surprised at all smdh.

  2. Ms. Ann, I use to have respect for Locke way before he became a pastor. Now he's become a political whore like many other celebrity preachers in stomping for Trump. He's always come off as a bit cocky, though.

  3. SMH. Prayers to his wife and his family, but dude can't say a word now, accept apologies from the north, south, east and west.

  4. This seem so out of character for this man - I want him to make a statement and see what's really going on?

    1. Anonymous this is what Mr. Locke had to say:
      Dear Friends,
      I am saddened tonight by a vicious article that is rapidly circling the internet. I’m no stranger to hundreds of news articles both good an bad. However, this is a situation of a writer gathering fake and/or out of context information and totally fabricating a story. This is a very personal and hurtful hit piece. Our entire church congregation knows the facts and the timeline. It’s shameful that a small handful of bitterly disgruntled people can say such evil things and then have it reported by a publication that I’ve supported without even the courtesy of a phone call for verification. There is no doubt the Lord will work in all of this but for now it is a very difficult burden to carry. I’m sorry for those who choose to believe it. I’m trying to “Be Still” during the storm. I love you all. What some mean for evil, God uses for good.


    2. It's so good to have the Spirit of Discernment....


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