Did Instagram Silence Pastor Jamal Bryant’s Call to Action?

Reader social media has become a platform for all people to share opinions and engage in conversation. Yet, Pastor Jamal Bryant feels he was unfairly silenced by Instagram. Upon discovering the controversial ad by H & M he took to formally issuing the following call to action:

"Every person who is of conscious, no matter what your color should boycott H&M because they do not appreciate our dollar and do not think highly enough of us to put us on their board of directors #boycotthandm"

This seeming to strike a chord with like-minded people, he says within an hour: 4000 people had agreed. On the contrary, Pastor Bryant says within the same hour his post was flagged by Instagram and subsequently deleted. In addition he received the following notice from Instagram:

We have taken the liberty to delete your post because it does not promote harmony.

You can read the rest here:

Well I'm not surprise and wouldn't want to be apart of anything that silenced me for speaking up for what's right any way. What happened to the right to peacefully protest?


  1. They may have been trying to keep racist trolls from attack Bryant. They should have allowed the post to stay.

    Last Friday, the mother of the young boy in the H&M advertisement took to social media and defended the ad. She furthermore condemned people for boycotting the ad, telling people to "get over it."

    Things like this worry me because we are losing the perspective Bryant was conveying.

  2. I am going to ride the fence on this one.

    Point for being upset:
    Considering some of the things I see just doing a Random search shows me that Instagram doesn't exactly have very high standards.
    From barely dressed men & women, racist propaganda and hate speech, why would they even single out Jamal (baby daddy) Bryant.
    I have seen accounts dedicated to hating just one person that they don't seem to mind about the negativity at all
    Doesn't make any sense to me.

    Point for letting it go:
    (This advice applies to Juanita Bynum a few weeks ago as well)

    Jamal may have a heavy following on Instagram and it's tempting to just log on and speak his mind. However, Instagram (as well as Facebook) is a PRIVATE COMPANY.
    If they don't like what you have to say, they can delete your post at any time.

    If Jamal really wants to be heard without his videos being deleted, then all he has to do is provide a link to his website on Instagram, where he can speak his un-edited thoughts. It may be a hassle, and might not get as many views, but at least your video will live forever on your on website.

    1. I agree with you on that point. Instagram does have a term of service policy, so they have a right not to post his content.

  3. Drama King Bryant has a possibly valid point. However, he can preach it from his pulpit or go on television/radio and say the info from his now deleted post.
    And while he reads from a Wiki page and customizes his commentary to appear to be in the know and "conscious", remind him not to leave out the fact that Beyonce was heavily used in 2015 H&M advertising.

  4. So FB owns Instagram also?? They control ALL the exchange of information. That's way too much power for one company to have.


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