......About Tasha Cobb Leonard Good Morning America Apperance,Was It A MAJOR Move For The Kingdom???

Reader if you missed it, Tasha Cobb Leonard was on Good Morning America yesterday and I think she did an outstanding job however, I don't get how some in the Christian community see this as a major move for the kingdom. Am I missing something?

I witness entertainment not worship. In my opinion if we are singing or more like screaming about getting ready for blessing overflow and never mentioning the giver only the gift, then we are not preaching the Gospel only prosperity. Praising the blessing is seeking the hands and not the heart. The Gospel is about salvation and not material goods. Do you think Tasha appearance on "Good Morning America"  a major move for the kingdom of God if so, how?


  1. I did not watch because I am having electrical issues at my house. I did get a chance to view the lyrics for "I'm Getting Ready, " and the lyrics praised prosperity. I had the chance to view a YouTube posting by Pastor Brian M. Williams and he was in total disagreement with the Minaj/Cobb's collaboration. Thankfully, Nicki Minaj did not join her and nothing good would have come out of that anyway. I do not think this is a "major move for the Kingdom" because other Christian singers have been on GMA. I am sure some people were reached, but most of the audience was there to be entertained.

  2. You're not missing anything Ms. Ann. This did absolutely nothing. If you go back to my previous comments when you first posted Tasha being on GMA, went down the line as to how this is just a performance and that's it. Amazingly enough, I promise you that the majority of the people there in the studio goto a church somewhere including the nation watching this. After when this was over, it's like, next. What's the next topic at hand. This was all just a feel good spectacle for those who hope and believe this in someway is advancing the Kingdom. It's more to it than just getting on a show like this and singing songs that are proposed as gospel.

  3. I see nothing inherently harmful in this. If folk like it, I’m happy for them. Is it what I’m looking for in a church? No. Why she sweating like a hog?


    1. Looks like she's wearing a coat! She probably forgot how hot studio lights are.

  4. Mrs. Ann, here's the sad thing...the enemy has no new tricks just different tactics. Remember when JB was hanging out with Lynn W. (Hollywood actress) and how she had a few appearances on Divorce Court and was being made a mockery in the News Media Circus. This is the same thing - just a different day. The dangling of the carrot, then I GOT YA! Tasha will have her few minutes of fame but it will cost her... because the enemy always come back to collect.

    Which is why God created Light and Darkness separate because they weren't created to mix or go together.

  5. She's not the first Christian artist on GMA and she won't be the last


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