‪So Franklin Graham Has Confused Christianity With White Supremacy?!?!?!

People of faith Y'all need to speak up whether you like it or not and START speaking out against your Evangelical brethren when they’re WRONG.


So hateful Franklin Graham, who is 65 and has now lived over the course of 12 US Presidencies, took to Twitter to declare that NEVER in his lifetime has there been a President willing to take a stand for the Christian faith like 45. (I guess he forgot about Jimmy Carter and George Bush). Not only is the hateful Graham getting a public beating on Twitter for making such a ridiculous statement, but the Christian faith is now being maligned by the world on his account because of it.


Sadly, there are Christians who think being lampooned like this is persecution. But NO. Persecution is being attacked for your faith, not being attacked for using your faith to make indefensible statements to whitewash a scandalized politician. You don't get to play the persecution card when what people reject is not Jesus, but simply your act of prostituting the faith to political expediency. We need to do better, and the first place to begin is telling the truth.


  1. Franklin Graham is entitled to his opinion. That's what's great about America.

    1. Who said the racist couldn’t have an opinion? When he stands representing Christ his opinion should represent that of a Christ follower.

    2. OH PLEASE! RACIST, GIVE ME A BREAK!!! You sound RACIST, calling him a Racist.

  2. POTUS Trump is not a Christian but is playing a good role because it's what got him elected. Plus there were some saying the same thing when Bush 43 was POTUS and the Evangelicals stauchly supported him but at least he publicly acknowledged his faith. If they believe POTUS Trump or any other Republican leader claiming faith in Christ is being persecuted they need to revisit Jesus' sermon on the mount because it requires them to be righteous and they are far from it.


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