Gospel Singer James Hall And Bishop Jeffrey Thomas Court Documents Exposed!!

Reader court documents were made public yesterday that alleged gospel singer James Hall was enjoying sex with 10 men including his secret lover Jeffrey Thomas. With their lawsuit in full swing, Bishop Jeffrey Thomas is not backing down on his claim that he and gospel artist James Hall were in a romantic relationship. Gospel artist James Hall filed the lawsuit against the "jilted" bishop during the summer when he claims the bishop got the wrong idea when he tried to show Christian fellowship. Bishop Jeffrey Thomas went on Larry Reid Live yesterday in an explosive interview.

(Interview starts at 1:04:23)


  1. This is not like you Ms. Ann. This is more like trash McCray puts out. You are a lil out of character with this one. Watch so not to enter into the snare of the evil one.

    1. I agree and I now look at Larry Reid with a crook eye. He is nothing more than a messy Queen himself. I mean seriously what man would be "cool" with his wife divorcing him and then hooking up with another woman and coming out as a lesbian? Larry Reid keeps things going as a way to stay relevant in the music industry. I have lost ALL respect from him, I refuse to support him in any way. I believe he and Budha were more than "just friends" or "just business-partners". A lot of blood will be on Larry's hands since he is always mentioning how he "pastored for 20 years"

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  2. If its public information, how is posting it cause Me. Ann to fall into the share of the devil?

    If the story were not true, or slanderous, that would be different. This is a documented, on the record court case. The legal process will reveal what is fact vs fiction and the remedy for the involved parties.

    I think believers or those who have been buying James Hall Worship and Praise cds areinterested in this court case. I know that I am.

  3. Replies
    1. Just because a story is public, doesn't mean believers should promote it. Ms. Ann doesn't normally promote "gossipy" topics like this. Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly.

    2. Amen to Psalms 1.

      By "promote" do you mean repeat or report? In I Corinthians 5:1 Paul said it is commonly reported that there is fornication... I know he wrote the letter to bring correction and repentance. The Apostle never hid sin in the camp, they would put it on blast so others would get the fear if God.

      I know this site isn't a church or Apostolic tribunal.

      I don't see how posting this article is any different than articles about false prophets (profits), pastors swindling their members or pastors doing drugs or other things saints could get caught up in.

      This is not gossip. This situation is the ugly truth. Maybe someone who was involved with Hall or Thomas will read this or the court case and go get tested. That alone would make this article worth the time it took Ms. Ann to post it.

    3. Doesn't matter report or repeat. Point is and I'll say it for the 3rd time, Ms Ann typically don't post along these lines. This is the type stuff McCray does.

      If you want to talk about Paul and Hall, have at it. I can prove scriptuallly Hall's music is ungodly, and question if he's even a brother, so all you say about the Corinthians are moot.

      Again, this is not typical Ms. Ann. So Stop quarreling.

    4. Dear Saint of God: I am not quarreling. I am stating my opinion just like you stated yours. I am disagreeing with your point of view that this story should not be covered here. I'm disagreeing with you, but I am not being disagreeable.

      I could say you tried to chastise Ms . Ann about what she posts on HER blog, but I won't say that. To each his/her own.

      We don't gave to agree on everyone issue to be brothers and sisters in Christ. I don't have to spew hate or call names when someone disagrees with me like many do on this blog. I'm not saying you are, but "quarreling" is an inaccurate characterization of what is going on here. It's just a difference of opinions.

      May God bless you and yours!

    5. Again, this is not typical Ms. Ann. I don't know what else to tell you.

    6. How is Hall's music ungodly???


    7. You too? Again like I told COP, I've responded to the issue of the "ungodliness" of black Gospel Music way too many times of this BLOG. Too much typing. Not going to keep going over and over and over again. Read my responses, my replies to Jackie Carr, Kirk Franklin, Tasha Cobbs. I'm willing to listen to you tell me how it's godly. I'll ask you this, most of these artists say they sing to reach the unsaved. YOU tell me of any "unsaved" person YOU know, who was led to the LORD by any of these entertainers. There is no GOSPEL message in most of their songs. The Bible is full of stories of folks who got saved because they HEARD THE GOSPEL PREACHED. I got saved I HEARD THE GOSPEL PREACHED! Sorry there is NO OTHER WAY BY WHICH man can be SAVED!

  4. Where can you find the court documents?

    1. https://obnoxioustv.files.wordpress.com/2017/12/img_8769.png


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