Tasha Cobbs Leonard & Bishop Marvin Sapp Talk Collaborating With Secular Artists!!

Reader the great church debate...is it wrong for gospel artists to collaborate with secular artists? Tasha Cobbs Leonard and Bishop Marvin Sapp both sit down with each other on BET Gospel, answering each others questions about the decision they made to collaborate with secular artists Nicki Minaj and R. Kelly. Recently, during a three-part BET sit-down, each shared why they feel justified in their approach, despite the disapproval of some.



  1. I am not total against Christian artists teaming up with secular performers. But it seems like Sapp & Cobb deliberately tried to find the singers who had the worst reputation to collaborate for a gospel album.

    Nicki Minaj who makes sure her butt gets more camera time than her face. (And possibly the worst female rapper)

    And R. Kelly, the pied piper of underage girls.

    Of All the other possible singers to team up with and Minaj and R. Kelly were your first choice?!?!

    Makes me want to know what circles these two are hanging around in were they don’t see a problem with their choices.

  2. Marvin Sapp is huge!

    Boy needs to go on a diet.

  3. This is not a Christian issue. Don’t nobody talk about this but some carnal minded black folks who don’t know their Bible well enough to discern.

    Church issues involves real issues like beliefs and doctrine. That’s why so many godly men write and lecture on apologetics, as the LORD commanded them to search the scriptures daily and act like the Bereans. This incident here, gospel singer mixing with worldly entertainers, does not make the cut, as it is good for DISCUSSION ONLY!

    These folks are not saved. BOTTOM LINE. For this woman to say she honestly believes that there are more who are with them than those who are against them is a JOKE to justify her ACT. And to say everyone may have a right to praise, is ABSOLUTELY LUDICROUS! Not to mention the words of their flesh and their darkened hearts, their foolishness to want to equate what they are doing, to the likes of MOSES and NOAH and DAVID. Are YOU KIDDING ME?

    We know Noah’s story, a man who walked with God to save humanity, and Moses, who saved a nation, and David a King whose delivered all whose stories are penned in the Holy Bible. All these gospel artists do is eat, drink and be merry, singing their little tunes to make folks happy and clappy, and pout when they didn’t get picked to go to the party. THIS IS SO HALARIOUS! I can’t believe anyone would fall for the CRAP they come up with in these interviews.


    1. Couldnt have said that any better. The only people that this matters to is people who follow secular artist. If it werent for this blog, I probably wouldnt know 90% of the mess that is going on in the church world......especially when it comes to the latest and greatest secular artist. I stopped listening to R&B music well over 20 years ago and am happy I havent gone back to it. Secular music wakes up wayyyy to many things I've been delivered from and have no intentions on going back to. If you want a fast way to steer your mind AWARE from Jesus, listen to ungodly music.....just dont come to me asking for prayer for depression, lust, and greed when you refuse to stop listening to ungodly lyrics these secular artist are promoting.......and please spare me your "inspirational" lyrics as well that can clearly be either sung to another man or Jesus........get off the fence and live 100% for God...dont just tell me you love Him and have your "personal relationship" with Him but when he tells you to obey you tell Him NO in your actions........the black church needs to MATURE in their walk....but you cant when your PASTORS refuse to teach the bible in its totality.....

    2. You hear what she said $Big Chris...

      " She stopped listening to R&B music well over 20 years ago and is happy...hasn't gone back to it."


  4. Anonymous that said he's huge.. yep. smh. When I stood next to him at this waste of time convention, I said the same thing. They spend so much time trying to get that dollar... and being on the road and you eat eat eat... and no time on the treadmill. smh. Now. As for this topic above. I'm not shocked. No spiritual insight at all. They translate and justify this mess by saying they are witnessing. Really? Come on... so ridiculous. This is an old subject but unfortunately it's gonna get worse.


    has NOTHING on this little children's song....


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    The music is clear, the message is clear, the melody is clear...THE SONG is SPIRITUAL...No mixed up cognitive dissonance...



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      I hear the chains falling.

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      ARE YOU Kidding ME?


  6. SAPP is mentioned specifically because he is A BISHOP AND PASTOR. That alone should steer him away from teaming up with secular. But these folks dont care. It probably doesnt even cross his mind. SHAMEFUL

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