Pastor E. Dewey Smiths Talks About Mass Shooting At Texas!

eader in the wake of the tragic church mass shooting in Texas. Dr. E. Dewey Smith sat down with WSB Television-Channel 2​ to discuss the church's role and legislator's role in speaking up and working to prevent these tragedies.

Take a look at the interview here:


  1. No need for the shade against pro-lifers. Cause if folks wants to define the murder of Children who can't fend for themselves while in their mother's womb as "pro-life" GOD Bless them! .

    For this DUFUS and any one who would back door to "redefine" PRO-LIFE as much more, my suggestion is to START YOUR OWN movement and care, feed, educate, and house disadvantaged children - NOW HERE Old BOY E DEWEY says gun control against murder victims like the incident at this church.

    Pro-lifers have their political views on the 2nd Amendment as well as legislation of gun use. Dig all you want Dewey. No striking of gold for YOU!


    1. Brother, you got that right! "Pro-Life is also about standing up against killing[s]"..... FOOLISHNESS! As you stated, being Pro-Life "IS" defined as standing against Abortion....PERIOD! So now they want to call it something else. See how the devil blind people from the real truth.

    2. And you know what Anonymous "YOU GOT THAT RIGHT"...

      I've attended lots of functions of pro-lifers. And their record is OUTSTANDING when it comes to helping children and adults "OUTSIDE the WOMB".

      I'm almost willing to bet, all these folks who shout this rhetoric saying "pro-life is more than a fetus" have much of nothing to show any great work they have done to support their fake love for life outside the womb.

      And this nit-wit want to talk like he's so much concerned about gun control so to stop killing? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? He has practically NOTHING to show any FRUIT that will match his BIG MOUTH. life outside the WOMB!

      I GET SO SICK OF THESE fake preachers who claim to follow the LORD JESUS CHRIST, and NEVER tie the SAVIOR to any of their pro-life conversations, despite the deepest TRUTH of the MATTER for ANY Child of GOD as JESUS Himself states "I am the way, the TRUTH and the LIFE". And this guy calls himself one of the Lord's minister.

      Like I said, pro lifers have good ideals about Gun Control and the 2nd Amendment. Many of them are NRA members. They teach strongly gun responsibility and self protection and Constitutional Rights. E DEWEY just came out the womb on this issue, shaking his RATTLE and spitting all over himself.


  2. I agree with Dr. Smith, often times white Evangelicals do tiptoe around certain things or avoid discussing them altogether BUT go over the top over abortion.

    1. You mean like Black church folk, etc., who tiptoe around coming out of the World and being separate, along with all the other foolishness. But, prefer to continue the MADNESS about "God will make a way" and all the other craftiness they use. Are am I just delusional?? I think not!

    2. If you are going to accuse someone of "cherry picking", you better have a record that shows YOU EAT THE WHOLE ROLL!

      "Judge not, lest ye be judge."



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