Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz Is Doing A Little Back Peddling, "He Do Believe Abortion is Sinful”!!

Now, reader, all this hoopla that has been created in the last week could have been avoided, if this pastor would have just told the truth. It was a simple & direct question on abortion and he missed the mark. In the future be man enough to say God loves sinners but hates sin. Anyhow, Mega-church Pastor Carl Lentz has responded to criticism about his recent comments on abortion, saying he does believe abortion is a sin but he chose to emphasize grace instead of the sin. 

Lentz, who leads the influential Hillsong Church in New York City, faced a lot of criticism this week after he side-stepped a question about abortion during his appearance on “The View.” His answer disappointed a lot of pro-life Christians. 

Many want their clergy to speak boldly about the value of unborn babies, the atrocity of abortion and the love that should be shown to both mother and child. On Tuesday, Lentz posted a statement on Twitter explaining why he responded the way he did. “I do believe abortion is sinful,” Lentz wrote.



  1. Yinna like take things out of context. Next!

  2. NEVER consider a push towards the TRUTH as "back peddling". The problem I have with this man (and I've listed many) is his attempt to work through his flesh, coming across as some type guru, providing solutions and answers for sin that do not line up with Scriptures.


  3. Just like SOFT Joel Osteen.
    Blowing it on national TV, then offering a soft hearted “What I meant to say” type apology

    They have one job. Preach the word and tell the truth and they seem to fail when in the National spot light every time.

    1. Cop I agree, he should have told the truth from the get go. The right answer would be "it doesn't matter whether I think it is a sin or not. What matters is what God has to say about it.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. As the head of a flock, the answer SHOULD BE what he thinks and a backup to what God thinks. You can't cop-out when you are a so-called pastor responsible for souls. What was he afraid of? But it's good when these so-called pastors show the world who they really are, and aren't. They expose themselves. Good for us!


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