‘God Is The Judge,’ Hillsong’s Carl Lentz Tells ‘The View’ When Asked Whether or Not Abortion Is Sin!!

Reader what y'all think about what this pastor had to said about abortion being a sin or not. Pastor Carl Lentz of Hillsong New York recently appeared on ABC’s “The View,” where he was asked by Co-host Joy Bahar whether or not abortion is considered a sin at his church.

“So, it’s not a sin in your church to have an abortion?” “Um, that’s the kind of conversation we would have—finding out your story, where you’re from, what you believe,” Lentz replied “That’s such a broad question to me. I’m going higher,” Lentz said. “I want to sit with somebody and say, ‘What do you believe?'” “So, it’s not an open-and-shut case with you,” Bahar observed. “Some people would say it is,” Lentz replied. “I think, to me, I’m trying to teach people who Jesus is first [and] find out their story. Before I start picking and choosing what is sin in your life, I’d like to know your name.”


While the answer was unclear, Lentz said that “God is the judge” and that he would prefer to know a person’s name and beliefs before making a determination as to whether or not they have sinned. Wow, he had a good opportunity to really teach something there. He destroyed it. Gave viewers a bad impression of Christians, too!


  1. A more clear response could have been:

    "An abortion is a sin however God's grace is sufficient enough to forgive an individual who has had an abortion the moment they repent of all their sins.....this is the reason why I first want to learn a persons name and then introduce Jesus to them so they can understand how to repent from all of their sins......"

    Easy peasy....thats how I feel he should have responded, after all, doesn't Hillsong NYC exist to point out the reason Jesus died??? It was for sin wasn't it???? Thats good news with zero condemnation behind it.......


    1. AMEN...

      You get an A.

      This DUDE is so all over the place trying to be a "Christian" guru. His ties to the "HILLSONG" movement says it all. All you need is a name, their movement and a story, and you could easily discern a LIAR and his LIES. This DUFUS drips the STENCH of FOOLISHNESS!

      On a side NOTE, looks like Ms. Ann is finally coming around, her commentary to say the man wasted an opportunity. Only problem is, he can only answer what's in his evil heart.

      This is a step up though Ms. Ann. At least you didn't come up here with the craziness you say before "I support a woman right to choose what she feel is right for her and her situation." I sure hope you are beginning to see the light. LOL...

      Good job Christian Pentecostal! I'm going to have to take you more serious.

      Get OUTTA HERE (4)... UPPITY (1)... MERCY (all I can say is LORD have MERCY - 0)....


    2. Amen Christian Pentecostal AMEN!!!

    3. Christian Pentecostal, that would have been a great answer. Why couldn't he say that ��


  2. Old subject. Something that happens 3000 times a day? Yep. sin, But forgivable.

    1. Former abortionists - first interview is a black sister at 2:00...What gets on my nerves are the people who are so cool with abortion, give no details about the truth.


    2. UNREAL!!! Make my stomach sick.

      These stories never make headlines.

      Satan refuses to let the real truth get published on his airwaves.


  3. A lot of you are up in arms over this. Rather than look at the amazing good Hillsong NYC is doing to reach thousands of NY area millennials, you are choosing to judge them and throw stones. Keep in mind, this church is in the middle of ultra liberal New York, not in the protected Bible belt--where going to church is as cool as having lunch at the country club. Second, if you don't believe that God is the judge, then you are apparently putting your own judgment above God's. Is that right? True, Lentz is not perfect, nor am I. However, he is getting on the airwaves to talk about Jesus. I'm talking the REAL airwaves, like ABC. And, conversation about our God is taking place. If only one person is reached, Lentz is fulfilling his calling. Give the guy a break, walking into THE VIEW, surrounded by the most liberal cast of characters in all of TV, is no easy task.

    1. So based on your logic we should lower the bar and give church leaders a break because they go on a liberal TV SHOW, or live in a liberal city?

      We shouldn’t call him out when he refuses to call abortion a sin because his church helps people?

      Church leaders should be telling THE TRUTH regardless if the audience is full of Believers or a TV with atheist.

      We aren’t questioning Gods judgement,
      We are judging if Lentz is bold enough to preach the truth.

      Just like Joel Osteen, he would rather give a NON-answer to save face then boldly proclaim the truth.

    2. Cop, you are 100% correct.

  4. No need to exaggerate, anyone "up in arms". We as Christians are called to judge. I don't know why so many of you can't seem to get that through your thick skull. People make statements of judgment everyday, you included. But somehow, when saved folks judge according to standards of Scriptures, they are accused of "throwing stones" or being a Pharisee. Are you blind to the fact that when you say here folks are "throwing stones", you are judging their actions? See that's what I mean when I so often say folks like you swirl in their own hypocrisy.

    This Pastor DUDE here is a false prophet. He does not teach the tenets of the Bible. All anyone has to do, is go to his web page and note what he believes. If we just want to address the TOPIC here alone, his interview and response about "ABORTION", his response was not biblical at all. As far as him reaching the thousands of NY area millennials, he couldn't be with the false teaching he adhere to. Many think they have the solution to reach this generation. Point is, this generation needs exactly what all other generations before them needed. They need the GOSPEL, not a message that can relate to. They need music that make melody in their heart, singing the grace of the LORD, not hip hop rap carnal comtemporary black gospel. They need to worship God in Spirit and in TRUTH, not be active to mime and dance and shout and participate. They need to listen, and not seek to be heard. They need Christian teachers and preachers and ministers who serve, NOT some CHURCH BUDDY who can be their friend. They need GUIDANCE and TRAINING, not a new way to keep them coming. They need to become DISCIPLES (disciplined) through knowing the Bible, the gifts the HOLY SPIRIT gives so they can use to edify the BODY. They need to learn how to become servants to feed others, not all the times being FED.

    This idiot PASTOR believes he can replace the principles of Scriptures and usher in a new way, acting under a type of false CARE and CONCERN. Like Ann and many others here say, HE BLEW and ABC opportunity. I say ABC had him there to promote the doctrine of DEMONS to the huge audience who would listen. Judge me as "UP in Arms" all YOU WANT. I AINT BUYING IT!!!


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