Full Letter Of Support And List Of White Evanglical Pastors Signing Letter For Roy Moore In The Face Of Recent Allegation!!

Reader fifty pastors endorse Roy Moore in an open letter, while trashing the evil ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center and others. God must be proud. Child molesters and/or so-called white evangelical "Christians" that are okay with child molestation when the pedophile is part of their cult. I

want y'all to look at this letter. Kayla Moore, the wife of Judge Roy Moore, has produced a list of pastors who support Roy Moore for Senate DESPITE the serious allegations regarding 5 young girls. Perhaps these pastors do not know that Kayla Moore is using their names.

The letter says, “you can know a man by his enemies”, then goes on to list the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center among his enemies. How could anyone support a man who considers these organizations to be enemies? I suppose if they support bigotry and violation of the civil rights of people, that would make sense.



  1. 27 “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean. 28 In the same way, on the outside you appear to people as righteous but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness.

    1. So I guess you can be accused of something from 40 years ago and call it valid even though there is no evidence. Hmmmm, I wonder what Bill Cosby is saying? Or, does these women speak the truth with only their word against his. REALLY??How much baggage is in your closet that you could be accused of without any "VALID" PROOF?

    2. Where’s the proof he didn’t do it? That’s what I thought, you don’t have any. I believe he’s guilty as charged. Especially with five women saying so.

    3. That is really dumb! That's what I thought, no mention of YOUR baggage even though I have no proof. Oh, wait a minute, all those that have been convicted with no evidence, but because "people" said they were the one that "looked like" the criminal. Spare me with these assumption!

  2. And at least one pastor never gave her permission to be listed: "Tijuanna Adetunji of the Fresh Anointing House of Worship in Montgomery, said she was not contacted about the letter and did not give permission for her name to be used."

  3. 50 is a small number compared to the number of pastors there are in Alabama and in the country but it is still 50 too many - often people cover for scum to cover their own butts!

  4. Nah...

    No need to prove this guy didn't do it. One is INNOCENT until proven guilty.

    This letter is BEAUTIFUL, and from his very own wife, HOW POWERFUL - "a just judge to those who came before his court, a warrior for the unborn child, defender of the sanctity of marriage, and a champion for religious liberty

    She is 100% right about the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center. The head of the SPLC is Morris Dees. This Numb-Nuts should be the last person to talk about any "alleged" case of pedophilia with ANYONE! To learn the type of creep this Dees DUFUS is, all one has to do is read the civil apeals, the things his wife had to say about him.

    This idiot enjoyed peeping on his 16-year-old daughter when she was naked and attempted to have sex with her.
    He had an affair with a female psychologist he brought her over to his home to meet his wife. Dees ordered his wife to have sex with another woman's boyfriend. I could go on and on, but more details are recorded in the appeal.

    And about the SPLC, don't forget Ms. Ann, you did a post where this same group put Dr. Ben Carson on their "extreme watch list". This organization it rotten to the core!

    The ACLU is worse. These scumbag and their partner organization Planned Parenthood, just this year, opposed a bill in California that will make child marriage illegal.


    Not to mention, a lawyer of this dunce of an Organization, took to the media to blame Christianity for the "mass killing" at the PULSE Club in Orlando, despite their fact, a Muslim jhadist committed the shooting.

    Even BLM as much as I despise them, recently protested against the ACLU. They shut down a "free speech" event hosted by the ACLU recently. charging the ACLU and their liberalism as "white supremacy". Can you believe SUCH IRONY! What a JOKE!

  5. Lady Brock, it is very sad indeed that these White Evangelicals are standing up for a sexual predator. Roy Moore has stated publicly on a radio talk show. That he doesn't recall dating any girl that was under age. Without there mothers consent.

    1. No need to cherry pick your "evangelicals".

      Black evangelicals will vote for him as well.

    2. It is widely being reported that the 50 names were cut from an August endorsement letter and pasted on this letter.

      Several pastors have come forward said they were not asked about their names appearing on this letter of support during the controversy.

      Mrs. Moore did the cut and paste. See the Christian Post.

    3. https://www.christianpost.com/news/pastors-rebuff-roy-moore-wife-kayla-support-letter-response-accusers-206530/


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