Congratulations Pastor Joel Osteen, Job Well Done!

Reader on last night 11/8/2017, Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr., the General Board and the entire constituency of The Church Of God In Christ, Inc. warmly welcomed Pastor Joel Osteen to the 2017 Holy Convocation.

Pastor Joel preached a message called, "Fully Loaded." It was an amazing message about running the race that God wants us to run. Pastor Osteen reminds us that our peers may grow their ministries faster than us.

They may build bigger building than us. But, we should not focus on the differences on how God choices to bless them. It might cause us to become jealous. We should develop a meaningful relationship with God which will unlock our full potential, causing our gifts to expand as the Lord uses us. Let's take heed to the message tonight and walk into our manifested destiny.

Good job Pastor Osteen, you let the Lord use you tonight, in His Service, James Spight, D.


  1. Yes, it's sad to see just how low COGIC has stooped to under Blake.


    1. Me. Ann, I concur!! Pastor Osteen stayed in his lane and modeled the very message he spoke about.

      He did not try to whoop and hollar, dance or sing. He stood flat footed and spoke in a conversational tone like he always does.

      The message was great and was needed! Sometimes church folk are the biggest haters and imitators there are! But there is no need for that. Celebrate others blessings and successes and do and be who God called you to be. You will get a lot farther and wont be so stressed out.

      His testimony before the message was very powetful! It brought tears to my eyes and he got a standing ovation.

      I've watched all week, am and pm and Osteen was the best speaker in my book up to this point. Wow!

      To think some people were upset about him being invited. Bishop Blakes knows what he is doing.

    2. JobWellDone, I really enjoyed him also. He found his place and took it down the stretch. I loved his jokes too. Classic Osteen!

  2. Replies
    1. OK Ms. Ann. I get it I called out COGIC Brother. But I still say that whole Osteen thing at the COGIC Convocation is a JOKE!

      There are six things the LORD hates. And a "false witness" is one of them!

      This false teacher doesn't represent Christ!


  3. Blake ,The General Board and all the rest who sit and listen to Osteen are disrespectful to the Foundation of HOLINESS. Osteen did what he always do motivational speaking . COGIC is the laughing stock of CHRISTIANITY. They have stooped to the lowest under Blake administration. Blake looks horrible. That's what happens when you let SIN run rapid and you don't do anything to STOP IT.


    1. Just because Pastor Osteen didn't say, "holiness or hell" or sing the "yes Lord" song, does that make his message bad?

      I listened very carefully. He gave Biblical examples for all the points he made: Saul, David, etc.

      I believe in sticking with the Bible. Pastor Osteen used Biblical references throughout the message.

      Sometimes people miss out on hearing from God because the speakers doesn't present in a manner they are used to, i.e. "black church style", using $50 words when a $5 word will do, having a wheezing/asthma attack, modulating higher and higher as the organ practically drowns them out and the people are worked into a frenzy.

      I'm not agains "gravy" preaching, but first meat must be served! If there is gravy and no meat, it's just a performance. I can't imagine Jesus hacking and modulating. He opened His mouth and taught...

      Pastor Osteen spoke against jealously, envy, strife, speaking evil of people and he spoke of being content in what God has for you and what He is doing in your own life.

      That lines up with the Bible and holiness. Yes, the message was motivational, but it was also BIBLE.


    2. Ms Ann, I see you have taken control of YOUR blog! I ain't mad at you!!

  4. A motivating message from an apostate. That's just great.

  5. This photo is so sad Olsteen looks like a young white master standing there next to an old plantation slave named Uncle Ceefus congratulating him on a good days work in the field picking cotton. Poor bishop Blake standing there like boss eyes done did a good job is I'm gonna get an extra biscuit on my plate 4 supper master? Osteen yes Uncle Ceefus you can have an extra biscuit also, if there's any extra scraps let for my dog he will have to miss out tonight because you been such a good field HAND.....It would just break my heart to see you only get a biscuit. Wait on 2nd thought I just remembered my dog loves your wife's biscuits. There won't be any biscuit eating tonight because my hound dog unlike you is a friend to me. So my advice to you is to continue making me and my kind look good so it will appear that I care about or, What you stand for because at the end of the day we are both from 2 Different worlds....... Only thing about us being from 2 different worlds. #YOUR PEOPLE ARE TO FOOLISH AND SIMPLE TO SEE IT.... WOW JUST SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔


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