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John Piper: “I want to share my burden related to African Americans and the evangelical church!

Reader Pastor John Piper has invited us all to join him live online tonight at 8pm Central. To discuss African Americans, racism and the white evangelical church. I sincerely appreciate Pastor John's willingness to delve into such a topic. A topic it seems that most whites want to avoid or ignore because they have the luxury of doing so. I look forward to hearing how the Lord has been instructing his heart on the matter. I will say it again, systemic racism is white America's problem. Systemic racism is about the way racism is built right into every level of our society. 

”From John Piper:

Bishop Jakes Joins The Fight To End Slavery And Human Trafficking In Libya!

Reader the issue of slave trade in Libya requires a serious attention by the media and international community to be dealt with. I agree with Bishop T. D. Jakes that enough has not been done. Many people are sold or killed in Libya today. Most victims are migrants from other African countries who are on their way to Europe. Please do what you can to create this awareness and save lives, especially our youths.
Whatever we can do, but we Must do something now! TD Jakes gives suggestions on ways to help! Be proactive not passive!!! Let your heart break for these souls but then do something!  

Healing Body And Soul Megachurch Of Physician/Pastor Had It's Grand Opening This Past Sunday.

Reader this past Sunday PAW's Immediate Past Presiding Bishop Horace E. Smith, M.D. led his Apostolic Faith Church into a new $33 million worship facility in Chicago. The newly completed, $33 million megachurch at 38th and Indiana, it will be another testament in the notable journey of the church and its pastor.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words!!

Reader this pic is such a brutally honest visualization of AIDS.  With World AIDS Days coming this week (Dec. 1st), this pic is a  reminder of the impact this disease had on the GLBTQ community. AIDS, is still killing millions every year.

The 60th Grammy Awards:

Reader the 60th Grammy Awards are scheduled to be held January 18th 2018. Here are the gospel category nominees:

Best Gospel Album:
Crossover — Travis Greene
Bigger Than Me — Le'Andria
Close — Marvin Sapp
Sunday Song — Anita Wilson
Let Them Fall In Love — Cece Winans

Best Gospel Performance/Song:
Too Hard Not To - Tina Campbell
You Deserve It - JJ Hairston & Youthful Praise featuring Bishop Cortez Vaughn
Better Days - Le'Andria
My Life - The Walls Group
Never Have To Be Alone - CeCe Winans

The Sunshine State Is Well Represented On This Year's List Of The Most Sinful Cities.

Reader there are over 425 churches in Orlando FL and yet it's the second most sinful cities in America according to a new WalletHub study. Florida tops the list with the most sinful cities in America. Orlando, Miami and Tampa... Orlando and Miami holding numbers 2 & 3 after Vegas.

Ministry Of Ravi Zacharias Responds To 'Claims' Of Slander Against Him.

Reader the Christian “apologist” Ravi Zacharias ministry team has responded to claims that he has been exposed as a charlatan, joining a long and growing list of people with padded resumes, bogus or inflated claims to scholarship, honorary doctorates they pass off as being earned.

Dr. Zacharias admits receiving nude & sexually suggestive photographs from Canadian woman & not reporting their relationship to his Governance Council until things went sour & she threatened legal action. Instead he sued her!  

Kirk Franklin Explains One Reason Why Millennials Are Leaving the Church.

Reader what y'all think about this quote posted on Instagram by Gospel music great Kirk Franklin on why millennials are leaving the church?

What Makes A Preacher/Pastor/Teacher False??

Reader, I got the above meme from my timeline tell me what you think; do you agree? So, what makes a false teacher? How can one identify a false teacher and what should one do if they recognize a false teacher? I believe we must be careful before we label someone a false teacher. The Bible is clear that there will be false teachers, and that many people will follow them, but to call someone that without a full knowledge of what they teach would be unfair.

Is It True Andrew Caldwell Was Allegedly Kicked Out of the 2017 C.O.G.I.C. Holy Convocation????

Reader back in 2014, at the Church of God in Christ’s 107th Holy Convocation in St Louis Missouri   a young man announced to the entire congregation that he was free from homosexuality with the memorable words, “I’m not gay no more!” After Pastor Earl Carter asked the 22 year old man, Andrew Caldwell, what brought him to church, Caldwell just let loose: To get delivered more. The rest is history. 
Fast forward today, there's talk that Andrew Caldwell allegedly got kicked out of the 2017 C.O.G.I.C. Holy Convocation. It seems that Caldwell can not get a break when it comes to anything it seems. Well I guess the church doesn't want anything to do with him at this point either. It's rather sad actually. God's love is unconditional and apparently, the C.O.G.I.C. Church's love is not.

Take a read to get the details.

Corey Feldman Says God Told Him to Expose Hollywood Pedophiles:

Reader how do one know God is speaking to them? Former child actor Corey Feldman, determined to shed light on the sexual corruption happening in Hollywood, said in a recent interview on the "Dr. Oz Show" that God led him to expose those involved in pedophilia. Feldman recently launched a full-on campaign to raise money so that he can produce a film, telling the full uncensored story of those in Hollywood that he says have been abusing child actors for decades, himself included.

Church Of Sweden To Stop Referring To God As 'He' or 'Lord'!!

What y'all think about this? The Church of Sweden is urging its clergy to use gender-neutral language when referring to the supreme deity, refraining from using terms such as “Lord” and “he” in favor of the less specific “God." The move is one of several taken by the national Evangelical Lutheran church in updating a 31-year-old handbook setting out how services should be conducted in terms of language, liturgy, hymns and other aspects.

One Of The Biggest Names In Evangelical Apologetics Turns Out Not To Have The Credentials He Claims!!.

Y'all I guess I've been duped again. Shocked! I've not followed Ravi Zacharias ministry much lately, but I did respect him and give credibility too much of what he's said. 

This some good investigative work! The source is an atheist, with well-referenced research. 

Stuff like this is so troubling. There can be no faithful Christlikeness -not credibility therein - apart from humility. A little (or a lot) of success in the realm of theology and/or religion often leads to celebrity, ego, and a willingness to stretch the truth or outright misrepresent oneself to enhance one's credibility. All the while undermining the credibility of one's identity and claims. 

Minister Caught On Tape Admitting To Impregnating 14 Year Old Girl.

Reader here we go again, minister caught on tape admitting to impregnating teen girl. Romello Leach is a licensed minister who is associated with several churches that meet at the Satellite Hotel. He has been arrested for sexual assault on a 14-year-old girl.

Church Announcement: Prayers Requested For The Carter Memorial Church Family On The Loss Of Their 1st Lady.

Praying for the first family of Carter Memorial COGIC. And the congregation!! This is sad 😥

Do Babies Go To Hell??

Reader I found the following conversation below the break in one of my Facebook groups.....I would love to here what y'all think about the subject of a Loving God sending children to hell.

I can agree we have all sinned (Rom. 3:23).  Therefore, everyone is guilty before the holy, righteous God no matter how young or how old. I also agree that belief is a necessary requirement for salvation (John 3:18-19; Acts 16:31). While the Bible does not explicitly say where children go when they die in infancy, it seems to imply that they go to heaven. First, there is no verse in Scripture which states that those unbelievers will go to hell because they were not old enough to believe.  Since God is just, it would appear that He would allow these infants to go to heaven. 

Lexington Church Members Take Pastor, Wife To Court Over Spending, Salaries.

Reader this is a nightmare, members of a Lexington congregation have filed a lawsuit to block the lead pastor and his wife from spending church money or making any real estate transfers. It seems to be some concern about the stewardship and control of financial resources. I just hope this all gets resolved in a way that brings glory to God. My deepest thoughts to those effected negatively and treated unfairly by this mess. Nothing is more traumatizing than being treated inappropriately by people that hold power in the church.

Gospel Singer, Kierra Sheard Defends Herself After Critics Call Her Out for Attending Jay-Z Concert. 👉👇

Y'all beautiful Kierra Sheard has a response for some of the criticism she received for attending and enjoying a Jay-Z concert. On Sunday November 20th, Kierra Sheard took to Instagram to post an image of the rap mogul Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter performing at his current 4:44 tour, which she attended. Since posting of the pics of herself attending the concert the saints have been going in on her ever since. I agree that we have to stop trying to do the Holy Spirit's job! He convicts, He purifies, and He shapes us into Christ's image not man.

(Read it here)

Bishop Paul S Morton Call Alabama White Evangelicals An Embarrassment To The Body Of Christ!!


Why The Church Is Not A Safe Place For Abuse Victims And Survivors?

Reader head over to Twitter (even if you don't have an account) and read these tweets. The #churchtoo hashtag is filled with sexual assault victims from within churches. Everyone affiliated with a church in any way needs to sit up, listen, and begin taking steps towards healing for these victims, and justice for the perpetrators. No longer should these folks be afraid to speak up. The Christian, evangelical church breeds, protects, and encourages predators,  where, rape apologists have found shelter and power. but it’s going to reap what it has sown, and the harvest is aplenty, friends. 

Memphis Pastor Found Dead In His Home!

Lord Jesus I'm praying for the Barlow family and ministry, yet another young pastor and soldier who has stuck his sword in the sand of time. R.I.P., Pastor Quinten Barlow, 36 years old.

A Memphis pastor was found dead in his family's home Wednesday morning. Multiple Memphis police officers rushed to the Whitehaven house. Pastor Quentin Barlow was found dead after 8 a.m. at the home located on Oak Valley Drive, near Boeingshire Drive.

Official funeral arrangements For Pastor Shawn Jones!

Reader the official funeral arrangements for Pastor Shawn Jones is listed below, please govern yourselves accordingly.

Over 300 Christian Theologians Challenge The Corruption Of U.S. Christianity!!

Reader it’s about time that true Christians stand up and denounce the false, racist, white, male, hate-filled Christianity of so many Evangelicals, who have twisted the word “Christianity” into a despicable travesty.

Say What? Trump Supporter Says He’d Trust The President Before Jesus Christ!

“Let me tell you. If Jesus Christ gets down off the cross and told me Trump is with Russia, I would tell him, ‘Hold on a second, I need to check with the president if it’s true,’” Lee said. Y'all this kind of statement is disturbing because it defies facts, logic and even crosses into spirituality. I don't care WHO the politician is. Y'all THINK about what this fool said...WHAT THE HECK? Blasphemous. This blasphemous being definitely doesn't represent me in any shape form or fashion.  I reject him putting any falleible man, especially that person at 1600 Pennsylvania above Jesus Christ, my Lord, and Savior. This is exactly what happened in Nazi Germany and Hitler. I am not caring what your politics might be, this is a dangerous mentality and all Christians must reject such thinking. This goes far beyond ignorance, it is blasphemy.

The Elephant In The Room with Bishop Demetrius J. Sinegal.

Reader there was an interesting conversation on Ecel Radio Facebook live last night with host Bishop Demetrius Sinegal. The Bible is explicit about divorce and remarriage. In the Old Testament, Moses permitted a man to obtain a divorce on just about any grounds.

QUESTIONS: Can Christians get divorced? Is it a sin? Can they remarry? Can they still lead in the church if they do?

The Pope Will Meet With Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, ll, The Leader Of Poor Peoples Campaign.

Reader, Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II is to meet with Pope Francis at the Vatican on Thanksgiving day.  “[The Pope] wants to bless this movement, and meet with other activists from around the world who are fighting against poverty. Pope Francis has denounced in the past those who express indifference to the plight of the poor, calling such behavior a great sin. 


Church Announcement:

Reader has anyone of you ever had a book idea that you need help getting it out?  Well, this is for you, learn how to write and publish your book with Bishop Walker.  "From Concept To Manifestation" Dec 4,2017.

Florida Church Warns At Every Door 'we are heavily armed'!

What y'all think about this church in Florida who said its armed and ready to deal with anyone who may try to bring harm? (FOX 13 Tampa) A Florida church has a stark warning to all who enter who may wish to do harm--"we are heavily armed." The River at Tampa Bay Church regularly broadcasts its services live on social media, and in the wake of the Texas church massacre where 26 people were killed, a leader of the congregation made a splash on social media when he posted a photo of the sign.

Migrants Are Being Sold as Slaves for $400 in Libya!

Reader is this 2017 or not? CNN is reporting Slave markets are springing up across Libya trading impoverished African migrants who have arrived on the Mediterranean coast dreaming of a new life in Europe. A new investigation has revealed people are being sold as modern-day slaves for as little as $400. According to some, "Libya is already a failed state and The AU should just go in and invade it...Few African countries have spoken against it but I don't think the Nigerian government have issued any statement on this issue yet. Ironically the majority of the victims are Nigerian citizens. At the same time I blame the migrants too, taking this dangerous route is not worth it..everyone of them is well aware of the danger that lies ahead. You are better off living in your country poorly but freely...there's nothing more precious than freedom."


House Of Hope Celebrates 141st Church Anniversary!

Y'all here we go!! Dr. E Dewey Smith, JR said every year their generational dance is the highlight for their Church Anniversary. It is a time for them to display the 5 generations that make up their church. During this time they highlight songs for each generation before Christ and after Christ. Today is their generational dance from their 141st Church Anniversary.

Congratulation House Of Hope. 

R.I.P Shawn Jones One Of Gospel Music Rising Stars and Powerful Preacher.

Y'all you never know when it'll be your last time. I've met this young man once, but I follow him on social media. He was an anointed preacher, pastor and singer who loved God and was committed to the kingdom. To hear of him passing last night while performing is a hard one. He was one of gospel music rising stars and a powerful preacher. 

Good News: Black Members At Paula White Church Are Leaving Because They Disagree With Her Being A Spiritual Advisor To Trump!!

So how about that, Paula White's son says members are leaving their church because they disagree with his mother being a spiritual advisor to 45. It's being reported that they are losing hundreds of members and thousands of dollars in weekly donations from the predominantly black congregation at New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Florida.

When Christians Defend Predators!

Y'all honestly I'm a little distracted right now by the Christians defending a sexual predator. Can anyone point to when being "a Good Christian" meant pushing tax cuts for billionaires, making sure everyone has a gun, hating black people & Muslims, and defending sexual predators?

Must See Testimony By Prophetess Dr.Juanita Bynum 🔥🔥🔥!

Y'all the appeal of Dr. Juanita Bynum isn’t that difficult to understand. Her beauty, her story, and the fruits of her life are all things typically admirable, and so is her powerful testimony. In her latest uploaded video, Dr. Bynum gives her powerful testimony of how she went to the doctor to have seven fibroids tumors removed but instead of the seven fibroids being removed as the original thought, it ended up being thirty-three tumors which had to be removed.  The tumors had shifted all her organs around. She was in that condition for over seven years and lived in complete silence without telling anybody about her condition. 

So They Kicked A Church Out For Hiring A Woman Pastor???

Reader the Tennessee Baptist Convention affirmed on Tuesday a decision to ban the First Baptist Church of Jefferson City from voting at the conservative organization’s annual meeting. WBIR News reported the decision was based on a resolution stating “a church whose office of pastor is held by a woman is not a cooperating church.”

All denominations have their own laws and bylaws for their church. If you don't like it or choose to do something outside of that denominations beliefs then you change denomination not attempt a reformation.


Church Announcement: People Of Moral Conscience To Condemn Roy Moore's Immoral Public Policy Agenda.

Reader Alabama faith and moral leaders will hold a press conference this Saturday at 10AM to call on Christians, clergy, and people of moral conscience to condemn Roy Moore's immoral public policy agenda! The Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II and the Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis will also join.

3 Ohio Pastors Facing Life In Prison; Indicted For Trafficking Young Girls For Sex!

Reader a federal grand jury has indicted Rev. Cordell Jenkins, Rev. Anthony Haynes, and the Rev. Kenneth Butler, 37, on conspiracy to sex traffic. On Tuesday a federal grand jury in Toledo indicted the Cleveland natives on conspiracy to sex traffic children. Both Haynes and Butler are also facing charges of obstruction of a sex trafficking investigation. Haynes is accused of attempting to destroy electronic evidence of sex trafficking, while Butler is accused of instructing another individual to lie, and then lying himself to law enforcement about his involvement. All three men pleaded not guilty Tuesday. The US Attorney's Office says Haynes began grooming a 14-year-old girl for prostitution in 2014. Prosecutors say Haynes introduced her to other men and all three of the pastors sexually assaulted her. Jenkins and Haynes were previously indicted on child sex trafficking charges in July.…

This Picture Of Nicki Minaj Is Disgusting!!

Reader folks was mad and upset when some in the Christian community said Tasha Cobbs shouldn't have did any kind of collaboration with Nicki Minaj.  Yesterday I saw those pictures floating around of that magazine cover... and I stand by what I originally said, Tasha Cobbs had no darn business fooling with Nicki Minaj. Look how deceptive the enemy is... it’s apparent that Nicki Minaj is in the flesh!! But no one sees the fact that Tasha Cobbs, does not have a standard, herself!! Her gift cannot be shared between two masters....! Nicki declares through her lifestyle that her inner demons are revealed!! Tasha needs just as much prayer herself... because this is about the Benjamin’s.

Thanks Shana Joseph for the below Facebook Post:

Colin Kaepernick: GQ Man Of The Year 2017 Earns Praise and Outrage!

Reader folks can get out of here with their logical fallacies that Colin Kaepernick doesn’t deserve to be the GQ Man of The Year because another football player raised money. Heck anyone can raise money, it takes something a lot stronger to stand up for what you believe in, in a world that doesn’t believe you. Especially when half of the country thinks racial injustices haven’t taken place since the Civil Rights era. Reports are, Colin Kaepernick was struggling statistically as a player, but sacrificed his six figure contract and gave up the best sport on earth for a push for racial equality. Not saying he deserves person of the year but he deserves more credit then people give him. Silent protest in my humble opinion is one of the most sincerest forms of democracy.

Full Letter Of Support And List Of White Evanglical Pastors Signing Letter For Roy Moore In The Face Of Recent Allegation!!

Reader fifty pastors endorse Roy Moore in an open letter, while trashing the evil ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center and others. God must be proud. Child molesters and/or so-called white evangelical "Christians" that are okay with child molestation when the pedophile is part of their cult. I

want y'all to look at this letter. Kayla Moore, the wife of Judge Roy Moore, has produced a list of pastors who support Roy Moore for Senate DESPITE the serious allegations regarding 5 young girls. Perhaps these pastors do not know that Kayla Moore is using their names.

The letter says, “you can know a man by his enemies”, then goes on to list the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center among his enemies. How could anyone support a man who considers these organizations to be enemies? I suppose if they support bigotry and violation of the civil rights of people, that would make sense.…

Bishop TD Jakes Supports Kneeling For Prayer and Protest!

Reader Bishop T.D. Jakes has come out in support of the rights of professional athletes to kneel during the national anthem. In an interview with CBN, the mega church pastor shared that we live in a nation where we have the freedom to express our opinions regarding a matter.

“What makes this nation great is that we can express our opinions, even if that freedom is against kneeling on the ground,” he told CBN News, addressing the recent controversy surrounding NFL protests. “The same freedom that gives the right to criticize is the same freedom that gives them the right to kneel.”

Bankrupt Mega Church Finds A Buyer.

Reader after, more than 2 year after filing for bankruptcy, the Richmond Christian Center is gaining a fresh shot at survival after seizing financial power from founding pastor Stephen A. Parson Sr. Parson has since become a controversial figure within the church and throughout its bankruptcy proceeding. He was exiled as a leader of the church as a condition of the bankruptcy plan, a condition FCR was adamant about. According to the agreed-upon terms of the plan, as long as FCR remains the holder of the loan to RCC, Parson cannot be involved in the church.

Nation of Islam Leader Minister Louis Farrakhan To Deliver Major Message To Trump And The U.S. Government On Thursday November 16 In Nation’s Capital!

Reader the Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan will deliver a major message to President Donald J. Trump and the U.S. government on Thursday, November 16, from the historic Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C. The press conference will mark the first time that Minister Farrakhan, National Representative of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam, will speak directly to President Donald J Trump, the 45th President of the United States.

Church Announcement:

Reader join Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church tomorrow as they celebrate nine years as pastor and people at the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church, Jacksonville FL.

Source Twitter:

Evangelical Church Pays A High Price For Supporting The LGBTQ Community!

Reader do y'all remember GracePointe, a Nashville-area "megachurch" that made headlines in 2015 as LGBT-affirming? The church was accused of betraying evangelicals by supporting same-sex marriage. Well here it is two years later, the church is a shadow of it's former self, declining to 240 attendees and listing its church property as for sale.

A growing number of evangelical churches are openly accepting gay members -- but at a price. Many have seen their congregations shrink as members who believe homosexuality is banned by the Bible leave and take their financial support with them.

Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses Are Crashing Kingdom Hall Meetings To Talk About Abuse!

Reader this article is awesome because it shows how people have had to get 'sneaky' in a way to get Jehovah's Witness to just hear the smallest thing because of how tightly controlled they are in what they are allowed to view/hear without repercussions. The programming is quite intense. They are instructed to shun a person who sheds light on the lies and misconduct but embrace rapists because there wasn't two witnesses. You can't just say "oh well no religion is perfect".

COGIC Issues Open Letter To St. Louis City Mayor Lyda Krewson!!

Reader COGIC makes demands to Mayor Lyda Krewson in Solidarity with St. Louis Activist.

“As COGIC holds its 110th Annual International Holy Convocation during a time of outrage and grief, we are compelled to work in the interest of justice,” Church of God In Christ Presiding Bishop Charles Blake Sr. read at the steps of City Hall Friday afternoon.

Not Surprised Tim Tebow Declined To Speak Out Against White Supremacist Rally At University of Florida!!

Y'all I'm sorry if this shatters anyone's world, but I don't like him. I never liked him. And I'm not surprised he's a coward. I used to have a little bit of respect for Tim Tebow, but if he can't bring himself to condemn white supremacists, his vaunted Christianity is just for show, and he has lost that little bit of respect from me. Isn’t there a Bible verse somewhere about being luke warm? In my opinion this is the biggest failure of the religious right. They remain silent during this resurgence of the Nazis, KKK etc. I don’t think that Tebow is a racist, but his silence makes him complicit with them.

Say What, White Evangelicals Defend Roy Moore: “Mary was a teenager and Joseph was an adult carpenter”

Reader this defense of  Roy Moore by white evangelicals makes me want to vomit. Being from Alabama, I have to say, this is one of the most disgusting and amoral things I have ever heard. This is repulsive behavior even with people from Alabama. And the "justification" is not normal thinking. It appears that they are not even denying that it happened. Using the bible to justify this is typical for evangelicals but otherwise disgusting. These are actual quotes from the article.