Trump says he’s fulfilled his promises to Christians, but he really means white evangelicals

Reader according to The Washington Post, it sounds like 45 will be fulfilling no more campaign promises made to white conservative evangelicals. I repeat, in "my opinion", white conservative evangelical Christians are among the very worst people this country has every produced. Given half a chance, they would re-institute slavery, stone women to death in the streets for adultery (but never the men), legalize rape, execute homosexuals en masse, cart Jews off to the gas chambers, and set the world on fire all in the name of their god. We know this because they tell us that's what they want to do. They're proud of their hate until you call them monsters. Then you're attacking their faith and they're being "persecuted."


  1. Amen to the truth. He only supports and loves the Caucasians.

  2. #45 is a racist through and through. #44 was so much better. I voted for Hillary.

  3. White evangelicals, please hold on to your faith in Jesus, despite how the devil tries to fill you all with guilt, and paint you all as racists. Please trust in the God of Scriptures, and continue to do the job of an evangelist. Continue to pray the LORD give you all wisdom, how to reach a lost and dying world. Allow your conviction to come from the Holy Spirit, not from blacks and the world who don't know real compassion.

    The devil has already done a number on black folks. He has murdered, incarcerated, drugged, stressed them, and knows they pose little threat spiritually. Many black folk follows a prosperity gospel. A small amount of black folks are real Bible believers. Stand fast white Christians because the devil is coming after you to discourage you. Fight the good fight and the LORD will give you HIS great reward.

    All the lies to tie TRUMP and white evangelicals is fake news and just a ploy, not so much to knock the white man, but rather the GOD the white man professes.


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