Rock N Roll Music Legend Little Richard Is Now A Seventh Day Adventist!

Reader Little Richard, one of the founders of Rock N Roll is now a Seventh-day Adventist Christian, spreading the good news of Jesus. This is my very first time I’ve seen little Richard with no wig or no make up. This is his first interview in years I’m glad he’s doing better. Little Richard, raised a member of the Baptist and African Episcopal Methodist churches, has now found his home in the Seventh Day Adventist Church.


  1. Are 7th Day Adventist even saved? Are they going to hell if they believe and work out their doctrine?

  2. His Adventist roots started in 1957. Might want to update the title of this post since this is not a recent conversion.

    1. Forget that I still don't believe this is Lil Richard! I just don't believe it...I refuse! He can't just come out in the public and shock the shit out of people looking like he's looking!

    2. Where are the curse police now?



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