Financial Guru Suze Orman Blast Idiot Donald Trump!!

Reader Financial Guru Suze Orman just pissed off a whole slew of Trump supports with some unwanted financial advice. Suze basically said how you spend your money determines the kind of world you live in. The Puerto Rican people are suffering. Too many are still without power or water weeks after the hurricane. We need to stand up for them. They need more help.

Thank you Suze!


  1. It's so very disrespectful and unchristian like to call 45 an idiot. Whether you agree with him or not. The Holy Spirit has to be so grieved with this fault finding generation, when the bible plainly tells us as Christians, " to speak evil of no man."

    1. People of your ilk come here everyday and berate evert Pastor, Bishop and Gospel singer, yet we must "speak no evil of no man" for your precious 45.

      When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

    2. The problem is, there is NEVER a sensible topic here about President Trump. Nothing posted that warrants any intelligent discussion about his policies as this country's leader. All you folks do is rant through your emotions to say he is a bigot, bi-polar, narcissistic, womanizing idiot.

      When it comes to the many posts about preachers and bishops and gospel singers, these who call themselves Christians, the Bible says we should rebuke them for their false teachings and error of their ways.

  2. Replies
    1. And Suze Orman is a SODOMITE lesbo.

    2. The good Lord said let the rain fall on the just and the unjust. The issue here is not peoples bedroom antics. Its helping the suffering in need.

    3. @ Rain Fall

      The issue here is not helping the suffering in need. The issue here is to DOG OUT Donald Trump.

      For this lady who calls herself a financial guru to tell the LIE "how you spend your money determines the kind of world you live in" is TOTALLY INSANE.

      Truth of the matter is THE LORD says "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." Matthew 6:21

      Ya wanna find out the heart of an individual, look at his checkbook.

      I wonder what YOU and Suze checkbook reveals about YOUR hearts.


    4. Hey Anonymous/GETOUTTAHERE, I KNEW you were a Trumpette!! Saw 45 on your FB wall.
      I'm not surprised!

    5. And if I was, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING you can DO About it!


    6. A
      "And if I was", don't you mean "And if I AM"? Surely, you are not trying to distance yourself now. The damage is done. Smh

    7. Anonymous, if you want to read or write something nice and sensible about the moron trump then by all means start your own rag and do it, it ain’t happening here. I don’t like him, and in my humble opinion he’s the worst president this country has ever had.

    8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    9. Oh, yeah, I saw it! A photo of 45 standing at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem wearing a Yamaka. It was part of a collage of photos and stuff you HAD there. Not on the homepage wall, but a post.

      I could have listed your full, legal name (and everyone would have been able to see it for themselves), but Ms. Ann would have deleted it and you would remove the picture.... Yep, just checked, it's not there now. Trumpette, SMH

    10. You should join the CIA for stupid people.

    11. I would love love to match a face with the name GHETTO HERE (typo intended!) I want to know if his parents contributed to the Civil Rights movement! If they didn't, then that would explain his *Disdain (look this big word up if you don't know what it means) for Black people!!

      ---A House Negro can visit Stormfront instead--

    12. My parents? What about yo momma?

    13. This man went from talking Scriptures to telling "yo momma" jokes. The juvenile mentality of a 4th grader. No wonder he is confused.

      --No time for house Negroes--

  3. Exactly y'all, what does this UNGODLY lesbian Woman know...Except how to live in sin. And these people would support this woman Instead of praying for those who have Leadership over them.....HYPOCRISY. What if President Trump called you an idiot, bipolar, narcessisistic.... would he be wrong?? Better yet, what would Jesus say about you? Don't get mad, I'm just asking. ONLY JESUS! In Christ Alone, RLR

  4. 45 is a moronic, misogynistic, dotard, racist, egotistical, ignorant, narcissistic, bigoted, sodomite, stupid, lying dog.

    Feel free to add to any names that I couldn't think of.

    As far as Suze Orman goes, we don't know what she is or believes, but I do know she gives great financial advice which is far better the giving to the "passa" because he needs shiny new shoes or that Bently.

    How many people do "Christians" deal with on a daily basis that are NOT saved and are a great benefit to you?
    If your ill and need care are you going to ask if the health care professional is "saved" No. So stop with all that sodomite foolishness.

  5. We DO know what Suze is because she has shared her personal lifestyle partnership before. That's old news. But regardless, she is right about Trump and wrong about her lifestyle.


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