Bishop T.D. Jakes On Outrage As White Supremacists Return To Charlottesville.

Reader an interesting interview of  Bishop T.D. Jakes being interviewed by Don Lemon as he shares a Christian perspective on many of the current events in our world. 


  1. Ole Boy Jakes, the SNAKE is at it again.

    This CAT is the perfect description of a wolf in sheep's clothing, and one coming forth as an angel of light. This numb-numb is NOT qualified to share ANY perspective on anything that's Christian. The Lord says about him "While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: ".

    I mean...look at how his hands are positioned in the picture. This should spell something this DUDE is of the devil - Definitely Masonic!

    I'm not going to comment so much his sickening interview with Lemon, rather about this false teacher's deep hypocrisy as he window dresses his "concerns" for Black people. All you got to do is read "Sunday Morning Stick Up" by David Lee (his former member whom Jakes excommunicated right in the middle of Sunday Service), or listen to some interviews by former of his staff to see the real motive behind this numb-numb ($$$ - wonder how much he got paid for this interview).

    According to these in his close circle, Ole Boy Jakes puts on several big conferences every year. These conferences rake in millions of dollars and none of the monies goes to the church (The Potter House - TD Jakes CEO), but instead to TD Jakes Ministries (TD Jakes CEO). JAKES gets the Lion's share of the portion. $$$

    Ole Boy Jakes is not only the CEO of the Potter's House and TD Jakes Ministries, but he is also the CEO of others of his ministries - Dexterity Music and Touch Down Concept (all the big money athletes who attend The Potter's House). $$$

    Like I said, The Potter's House (the church of his tithe paying members) is not the financial beneficiary of many his money making schemes. Yet these tithe paying members volunteer to work dead tired hours, 12-18 hours per day, in support of the conferences. These church member and are paid a per deim $30-$50, only because it is required by law per deim must be paid. Ole Boy Jakes rips off the very Black folks in his own congregation. He uses them as slaves, convincing them they are working for the LORD, when he himself is a BLASPHAMER of Christ and the Cross.

    According to some of his former staff, they were constantly driven to make a PROFIT from these conferences. Often times, many of the registrants who would seek reimbursement of their registration fees because of some hardship, but were denied. Jakes especially ripped off many attendees of the conference charging the full price for the rooms, despite the fact the hotels gave discounts and free rooms when reservations are made on groups.

    For OLE Boy Jakes to hiss and spit venom on national TV here, his concern about the white supremacy of alt right (an front paid organization created to bring CHAOS) over a statue, is UTTERLY RIDICULOUS, and many are falling for his guise. This DUDE is as the Bible describes him "well without water, cloud that are carried with a tempest; to whom the mist of darkness is reserved for ever."


    1. There is a reason Jehovah God dissuaded the Children of Israel from getting married to the heathen people around them. Split loyalties, and cloudy vision. In other words, confusion. Just saying.

    2. And don't forget to read John 3:16.

  2. Replies
    1. I didn’t know that he was promoting his book.... he was promoting his book on The Breakfast Club this morning. That was one of the best interview the Breakfast Club have ever had in my opinion.

    2. I agree, The Breakfast
      Club interview was great, very informative!

    3. EXACTLY Shepherd! Some folks have no discernment at all, and can't see the forest from the trees. When you understand what the Bible says about folks like Jakes, you can't help BUT conclude, this false prophet was there to promote his book.

      The Bible description of Jakes is a false prophet. And as such, Jakes is a GREEDY DOG who desires to satisfy himself rather than God, as he takes advantage of his audiences exploiting them with false words. And the sad thing about all his antics "Many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of."

      We know the devil uses all sorts of disguises to deceive people. Satan as "prince of the air", used the tel-LIE-vision to air his minister, the "BLACK POPE", in an interview with a known Sodomite, knowing all along these folks care nothing about racial injustice. The devil uses whatever and whomever to keep the races divided. And Bishop TD Jakes, who articulates in his "gifted faux" way, to oppose the PRESIDENT standing up for of all things "JUSTICE" falls right in line. That THE BLACK POPE sounds to oppose the leader of this country should be no surprise Ole Boy fruit here, the Bible says he would perform these such acts - "Presumptuous are they, selfwilled (ARROGANT), they are not afraid to speak evil of dignities."

      It's obvious Ole Boy used this opportunity to satisy his selfish greed and POMP in ARROGANCE. No one should spend a dime to fatten this man's pocket with another penny.

      With this book, he'll hold true to form to pen nothing but "plastic words", words that can be twisted to mean anything you want them to mean! He may talk about 'salvation,' 'inspiration,' and the great words of the Christian faith, but they do not mean what GOD intends for them to mean. I mean...He did so even with the TITLE of his book - SOAR for crying out LOUD!

      Listen PEOPLE, You want to SOAR, do it the BIBLICAL way and "WAIT UPON the LORD", just like the prophet Isaiah (not false prophet BLACK POPE Jakes) said. "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint."

      His interview was to promote his book and to stir the pot to create CHAOS!


  3. Bishop Jakes gave a good interview with Don Lemon about the many crises and issues facing our country. Bishop Jakes is entitled to his own opinion and perspective just as each of are entitled to our own opinion and perspective (as evidenced on this blog!).

    Folding your hands on the table/desk is Masonic? I thought that it showed composure.

    Bringing up Bishop Jakes' new book was not the purpose of the interview; this was not a book promo interview. Mentioning a guests' latest endeavors is something any journalist worth their salt would have done.

    As far as the Sunday Morning Stick Up/David Lee and the former TPHD administrator---I've heard their interviews on the RevolutionRadioShow. At most conferences, registration fees are not refundable or transferable. As far as making money on rooms, I think this is SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) in most churches. This enables them to house staff and/or guests at no expense. I'm not saying this makes it right to make money on the rooms.

    As much as any of us hate to admit it, the church IS a business (in spite of the fact that most have 501(c)(3) status). God has told us to be good stewards... The Potters House has a board; if they don't like the way it is being operated, maybe they can make changes.

    Bottom line is no one is forced to give money or serve in any church. If a person doesn't like how it is operated, they can go somewhere we they like how it is operated.

    I don't think Bishop Jakes is loosing any sleep over folks who blog about him or folks who don't like him, his message or his methods. He is going on with his life and doing what he believes God has called him to do: preach, movies, (former) talk show, books, conferences, record company, mentoring, collaborations with others in entertainment/media and so on. As much as we like to give our opinions, we must realize that while we are blogging, that is LESS time we are using to do something besides talk (write).

    1. *...they can go somewhere they like how it is operated.

    2. Nope. No need to exaggerate when defending Ole Boy Jakes to say "a good interview with Don Lemon about the MANY CRISIS AND ISSUES facing our country." Fact of the matter is he only addressed questions posed about ONE issue - the return of alt right to Charlottesville. And if Ole Boy Jakes is to talk about a "climate" created by Trump, he needs to look in the mirror to see the climate he creates, even his words here.

      Not to mention the atmosphere Jakes creates every Sunday morning before thousands with itching ears as he privily bring in damnable heresies - denying the Trinity and suggesting the relationship between Ruth and Naomi / David and Jonathan could be same-sex. Not to mention how he butchers the Scriptures seemingly every single Sunday.

      Trump gave a press conference shortly after the incident in Charlottesville and said "“I think there is blame on both sides. You had a group on one side that was bad. You had a group on the other side that was also very violent."

      This has nothing to do with opinion. “For many are deceived by their own vain opinion; and an evil suspicion hath overthrown their judgment.” Ecclesiasticus 3:24 TD Jakes is a hypocrite, point blank!

      Everyone knows for most of these events, registration fees are nonrefundable. But when it comes to people wanting their money back because of some unexpected hardship, they should return the funding. These events pull in millions of dollars, and these so called Christian folks should have a heart of compassion when the few instances like these arise. He and His Christian church should exercise MERCY and not shut up their "bowels of compassion".

      And no need for your poor excuse, they bilk monies from poor folks to house staff and guests. "My brethren, have not the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, [the Lord] of glory, with respect of persons." James 2:1 .

      If a person doesn't like how it is operated, they can go somewhere we they like how it is operated. That's RIGHT, tell them to LEAVE (the Church). You are no better than the woman who said to Blacj folks :If you don't like this country, LEAVE (the Country). And one more thing - realize that while YOU are blogging, that is LESS time YOU are using to do something besides talk (write)."


    3. Please re-read the last paragraph. '"We"includes me and you too. RIF, reading is fundamental! God bless!

    4. I read it very clearly. THAT statement was a very shady one. Speak for yourself. NO need state the obvious about others.

    5. I said leave that church, not leave THE church, or leave God.
      RIF. God bless!

    6. Look lil lady, Bottom line you suggested for them to LEAVE. The white evangelical said if some become disgruntled, they should LEAVE. Reading id fundamental, but to not comprehend what you read is TERRIBLE. In all thy getting get understanding. YOU did exactly what the white evangelical lady did. At least she apologized. YOU however will remain in your pride thinking YOU are righteous.


  4. I Have Relatives And Friends That Belong To His Church. I Have Had The Experience Of Visiting His Church Several Times, Because Of Them Inviting Me To Go. They Worship Him More Than They Do God. They Believe Every Word That Comes Out Of His Mouth. They Rush To Get Into Their Seats To Hear What He Has To Say. He Has A Section For Celebrities To Sit, A Section For Visiting Pastors To Sit, A Section For Guests To Sit, Etc. When He Preaches, The People Act Like His Words Are Gold. The Say "Amen" To Everything He Says. He Is Always Asking His Congregation For Monies For Something. They Gladly Give Their Money So Easily. When You Enter The Church Building There, The Holy Spirit Will Give You The Discernment, Of The Evil That's There In That Church. When He Speaks About Anything It Is Always From His Flesh. He Is A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing. Shalom

    1. Ms. Dottie...

      You know you and I butt heads at times, but I can say... your post here is "VERY INFORMATIVE".



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