The Megachurch Bubble Is About To Burst: What Will That Mean For American Culture?

Reader according to some the mega church bubble is about to burst. Mainly because people are finding out that they leave you empty. Case in point the incident that took place with Joel Osteen and his Lakewood church weeks ago has once again shined a big spot light on the megachurch and it working. We can not and should not look for a custom tailored church. The only church we should look for is a church who teaches the bible and the bible alone.

This is a powerful quote from the article: ...."Although Gateway Church is officially bi-partisan, every member is expected to vote for politicians who are pro-life and opposed to gay marriage. With 36,000 attendees spread over six Dallas-Fort Worth campuses, Gateway has the power to swing elections."

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  1. This is the MOST RIDICULOUS PLOY to cast not even a little bitty tiny mote against "white evangelism" I've ever seen. Only those who are IGNORANT, and want to REMAIN IGNORANT, would seek to raise in their spiritual pride to believe this GARBAGE!

    Let's just consider here for a moment, their power quote ...

    "Although Gateway Church is officially bi-partisan, every member is expected to vote for politicians who are pro-life and opposed to gay marriage. With 36,000 attendees spread over six Dallas-Fort Worth campuses, Gateway has the power to swing elections."

    THAT's 36,000 out of a total of 7.1 Million living in the Dallas, Fort Worth area, a WHOPPING 0.0050704225352113%. I know this is not considering those ineligible to vote, but I'm supposed to believe with the miniscule amount attending (36,000 - probably way less than that) "Gateway has the power to swing elections." YEAH RIGHT!

    It's got to be a reason these folks go out of their way to want to deduce these type exaggerations against "white evangelicals". I mean...I know there is RACISM, but at least don't try to dumb us down with such STUPIDITY.

    Then they want to tie in the fact that senior pastor Robert Morris and Apostolic Elder James Robison serve on Donald Trump’s Executive Council of Evangelical Leaders. This so to drum up support emotions for their absurdity. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? And people are buying into their FACADE. UNBELIEVABLE!

    I mean...the people who scheme to come up with these conclusions, are either infidels or heathens, or BOTH!

    To be honest, when I read articles like these, I immediately turn to the person writing it. I always find the person(s) behind the scenes of these type foolishness are hateful and are there to sow discord. I don't know who this Alan Bean (writer) is, but he even looks a little suspect to me.


    Or better YET...


    1. You mad or not? White evangelicals are a dying breed. They know it but they aren't going to go down without screwing everyone else over.

    2. Mad? No. Because I and a lot of those "white evangelicals" know there is a church where the gates of hell can not, and will not prevail against.

      Now let me ask you a question, "Are you one of those who are IGNORANT OR want to REMAIN IGNORANT TO raise up in your spiritual pride to believe that GATEWAY has the POWER TO INFLUENCE THE ELECTION, even though they make .0050% if that?

      I know you don't have salvation, but God did bless you with a little common sense, right?

    3. What Scripture States, "White Evangelicals" Or "Evangelical" Anything? The Body Of Yeshua Is Not This Mess. Shalom

  2. Miss Ann,

    Truth is the church of the Acts of the Apostles would NOT have left anyone out in the cold!

    "Neither was there any among them that lacked: for as many as were possessors of lands or houses sold them, and brought the prices of the things that were sold," (Acts 4:34).

    Osteen et al can't even open their church doors and homes to receive those who've been battered by the hurricanes. They don't even have to sell any of their possessions at this point.

    And so I believe that the churches that were established after the Acts of the Apostles have already gone under judgement (Revelation 1:4-3:22). And next will be judgement of every man. He who has an ear let him hear what the Spirit says unto the churches.

    To those who believe on the name of Jesus, there is One Good Shepherd (John 10:11-18) and he promised us the Spirit of Truth who would guide us in ALL TRUTH (emphasis mine); (John 16:13).

    If we keep looking to mortal man to step in and guide us, we shall utterly be disappointed.

    "Surely every man walketh in a vain shew... every man is vanity..." (Psalm 39:6-11).

    And I reiterate: the WORD of God is for LIFE, PRESERVATION (Deuteronomy 8:3, Matthew 4:4), WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING (Psalm 19 & 119). It has been TRIED, TESTED (Psalm 12:6), and found to be TRUE (John 17:17)! And will last past ETERNITY (Matthew 24:35).

  3. It is time for the Negro to distance himself from Mr. Charlie and WILLIE LYNCH!

    --No time for House Negroes--
    ---House Negroes need not apply--

  4. Wait a minute "House Negro"...

    Not just Willie Lynch and Mr. Charlie, but Steppin Fetchit, and "Josephine" and Joe Junior, you know the mega black evangelicals like TD Jakes, Creflo and Ole Girl Shirley, all who seeks to cause division and schisms in the BODY, these false teachers.

    You know what I mean "House"?

  5. Mark 12:17 / Matthew 22:21 "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's."

    ...And NOT ONE time have you rendered unto Caesar... (SHIRLEY Caesar that is!!)..the irony of her last name being Caesar should be ringing loudly in your ears!!

    These people you cry against (we can debate about Shirley Caesar but T.D. Jakes is a Bonafide bishop) Which you steadfastly refuse to acknowledge or respect! Respect the person even if you refuse to respect the title.

    A man named Paul was a murderer and you give him a pass. But let a man (Creflo) ask for money for a plane...AND BLACK FOLKS GET ALL UP IN ARMS. You House Negroes are a curious bunch!!

    --House Negroes need not apply--

    1. Hey "House". You might have out smarter yourself saying the irony the last name Caesar. Both Ole Girl Shirley and the Ceasar of the Bible, are worldly have in common, they love money, are disobedient souls and are prideful.

      And don't tell me nothomg about my disrespect for JAKE'S. THIS DUDE preaches another Gospel, a prosperity gospel. Not to tell his theology he sought to influence his audience Ruth and Naomi could possibly be lesbians. He attempted to drive a similar message about David and Jonathan.

      You and I know, this guy is no bishop. He is a motivational speaker who butches the word of God to set people off on an emotional tangent. You probably like that style because you probably can make a message out of the Gospel of Fred Sanford I posted.

      And just recently, you see here Jakes finding his toots when the Bible says genealogy is vanity. And about ya boy CREFLO, HE IS the epitome of a false teacher. The Bible describes him very clearly in the book of Peter and Jude.

      I do respect Paul. I hope to meet him in heaven one day. A true apostle, a passionate person about the deep things of God, a lover of God's people who died for his faith.


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