Here We Go Again, Marvin Sapp Team Up With R. Kelly For Song On Upcoming Gospel Album!

Reader I know this collaboration has made some hearts sink and eyes water, but I digress.  In my thinking Marvin Sapp is more than an artist, he's a bishop/pastor/teacher/preacher and I most definitely would've expected more/better from him. And he can't give that old tired cliche only God can judge excuse because where there is smoke there is assuredly fire and the smoke around R. Kelly right now is so thick, it can choke the life outta you. Can somebody say bad timing!!


  1. Uuuuhhh! And he's sprawled across that sofa trying to look sexy. How does that even come close to representing God! And that's why much of the world doesn't respect Christianity.

    1. Ann this not surprising when it dawns on you that the black church has covered up pedophiles, sexual abuse, straight-acting leaders who preach against being gay while everyone knows they themselves are gay, and all manner of sexual activity outside of marriage.

      Black church folk are complicit because they know and ignore it or pretend it doesn’t exist while telling and judging non church folk for being “sinners”.

  2. Ain't no surprise ... it's all about the ole holy dollar in these churches

  3. Where is his hand?

  4. I'm not surprised at all at anything that Sapp or any of these folks will do for money. When there music doesn't sell the way they believe it should. They are only singing for the money not for the SOULS. You will do anything sp Sapp has to make money the best way he knows how. That's the SECULAR WORLD combined him and R.Kelly you got some serious bedroom and lustful music. Sapp also will be preaching at the COGIC HOLY CONVOCATION IN NOVEMBER. These folks are making a mockery out the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST.

    1. I'm with YOU Anonymous. This DUDE and R Kelly are cut from the same cloth. Neither of them are saved.

      Sappy Boy fruit is in his gift, his music. It's obvious this dude has a spirit of lust, like most of these black Gospel entertainers.

      According to Sappy, the message in this SONG (LISTEN - to emulate BEYONCE) is that God is trying to tell you something, and you better listen. I'm guessing he would categorize this as a spiritual song.

      It's definitely not a hymn or a psalm. the LORD admonishes us “Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord;” Ephesians 5:19

      This DUDE outright defy the text to produce as he is only capable of this LAUGHABLE little SONG "Listen". Kinda remind me, the song in the COLOR PURPLE (God is trying to tell you something). So tell us Marvin, or maybe you can help us out Mrs. Marvin (Anisha Sappy) - What is God trying to say?

      Ole Boy Marvin perpetrates to be a Bishop, a high biblical office, and supposedly leads three congregations. Yet when I think about the lowly Stephen, who stood boldly before the religious people of his day, his message was clear what the LORD attempted to say to them.

      Steven spoke very plainly, that God had spoken to these hypocrites through their prophets, and they resisted the prophet's messages, rebelled against God, and killed the very messengers GOD sent in their midst.

      Stephen spoke how God long-suffered to then send these hypocrites, His Only Begotten SON, not only to speak HIS TRUTH to them, but to perform miracles only God could do. And despite God reaching out to them, they choose to crucify HIS SON, and let a thief live instead.

      Unlike SAPPY's little ga-ga goo-goo message in song, Steven's words was clear and penetrating so much to the point the heathens who heard Stephen, stoned him to death. I can't believe people are falling for this. Ole Sappy really deserves LESS than the little pennies he gets, for his cheap collaboration with a serial child molester.

      GET OUTTA HERE Sappy, and YOU TOO Anisha!!!

  5. The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...Tuesday, 19 September, 2017

    Miss Ann,

    I agree with you. But you know in this industry, getting paid justifies any means.

    Way back when, Kelly sang the song, "Heaven I need a Hug", and I believed that he had turned from his wicked ways. WRONG!

    Sapp is no fool on who the real Kelly is and I am sure he knows details of Kelly's life that the public may never know.

    "Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful. But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night." (Psalm 1:1-2)

    Go figure!

  6. Ultimately all ethics depends on individual consideration, mandated in Leviticus 19:18 "Love your neighbor as yourself," also found in Confucius Analects 12:2, Buddhist Udana Vagna 5:1 and Matthew 7:1. Consistency is the hobgoblin of limited minds as God and Truth are incomprehensible (Isaiah 40:25) and dogma and ideology are idolatry which detracts from evidence based realism. This is why the only answer can be a question. Jesus opposed traditionalist Sadducees and fundamentalist Pharisees but embraced syncretic Samaritans. Jesus was nothing if not anticlerical “Do as they say, not as they do” (Mt 23:1). Isn’t it odd the fundamentalists quote scripture by number as if lawyers? Meek means tranquil, not humble. Meekness is devoid of the passion of just war which divides and obfuscates. (Jer 17:9, Eph 2:3)
    Hades (Sheol) was a holding place from which Jesus freed us, not a banishment. "gather his wheat into the barn, but the chaff he will burn". (Matthew 3:12 ) There is no purgatory, burning is into oblivion. "I assure you, today you will be with me in paradise." (Luke 23:43 ) Today! If Jesus told us to be like the children (Matt 18:3) how could he believe them to have Original Sin? Mary CHOSE, by Free Will, to be sinless and surrendered herself to the service of God, as God long awaited. Luther said "Mary is rightly called not only the mother of the man, but also the Mother of God" (24:107) and "There can be no doubt that the Virgin Mary is in heaven. How it happened we do not know." (10:268). God lived in the Temple (Exodus 36:8) so as Mary bore God she replaced the Temple which was destroyed when she rose exactly on Tisha B'Av, the original lent of eating only fish because fish survived Noah’s flood.
    God is beyond time, not being limited by the dimensions that govern our world (Isaiah 57:15). God’s perspective on time is far different from man (Psalm 102:12, 24-27). He is above and outside of time. God sees all of eternity’s past and eternity’s future, hence free will and predestination do not contradict. Since He is the Alpha AND the Omega, there can be no historical progression which is satanic anthropolatry. Parable of Talents (Matt 25:14-30) confirms the glory of capitalism over slothful envy of socialism. All creativity and science is divine (1 Cor 3:5-9). Parable of Warehouse is about being obsessed with what we have so we stop living. Superachievers aren't concerned with accumulation but with constant achievement, seeking to ever use their gifts to the fullest (Calvin Institutes 3.7.5). Half the planet worships to the Psalms of David so stop renaming them as your own hymnals. A Republic of Judges was preferred by God over the Reign of Kings. (1 Sam 8:6-18) The clothing and responsibilities of the Cohens (chief priests) resembles the early bishops (overseers) and of rabbis with the pastors (presbyters, elders). Paul's word for fornication meant prostitution instead. Paul's word for masturbation meant malady. Paul's word for sycophant meant slander. Magog meant Mongol. Jesus came to fulfill not repeal the Law (Matt 5:17) as Pharisees were condemned because they syncretized vindictive Roman natural law over Jubilee redemptory Deuteronomy law. Moneychangers were racist about Roman coins. Redemptory confession is from 2 Chron 7:14 and Resurrection from Dan 12:2, Ezek 37:12-17, and Isaiah 26:19. Forgiveness is found in Isaiah 33:24, Isaiah 55:7, Jeremiah 3:22, Numbers 14,15, Leviticus 6,19,2 Samuel 14:14. Jesus used the lunar calendar, so why do you use the calendar of those that slew him and stole his religion. Oligarch casuistry tries to change the meaning of words, redefine the rules.

    1. I'm talking about YOU! Please take YOU medication!

  7. The same Marvin Sapp who admonished gospel music fans for the situation of James Fortune being #1 on the gospel charts with 3000 units sold in a week compared to Jay-Z selling 1 million units his first week? Saying the world doesn't have a problem supporting but the gospel record buyers do. That Marvin Sapp??
    Go sing R&B sir, you're in it to make $$$ first and foremost. I'll wait.....
    Until then in the words of a prominent poster on this blog..
    "get outta here"!
    Timezone, Cop, what say you??

  8. Just look at the title of this project: 'Let's Get Close'. Purposely trying to appeal to the world under the guise of Christianity. That is pimping God on full display. And I give a side-eye to every institution that is co-signing. All this drama is very obvious!

    1. Amen..Just the project cover here alone is dripping with LUST.

      I mean...the "all white" attire, his hands near his private part, the title "let's get close, baby", his posture "as he lay" reclining on the sofa, and last but not least "R KELLY". And this is how the gospel is to be portrayed?

      This dude though in some brightness of light on the album, in REALLY IN a place of DARKNESS. He comes across all innocent and pure about his life after his wife's death, and HIS ideals for a future mate. Yet he's been a major part of a story being a possible suspect of the death of a woman. He alleges female have stalked him. Then of course, there is Anisha Sapp here.

      There is nothing but the stench of burning flesh with this project. Now the fruit of the flesh is fornication, murder, uncleanluness, drunkenness, etc.

      He's tied to R KELLY. I would not be surprised if this dude is a PEDOPHILE!

    2. Again, I would not be surprised if this dude is a PEDOPHILE!

      Anisha, I sure hope you are over 16!

  9. This is just straight stupid...There's always a rationalized excuse to usher these guys in the studio and call it Holy. This is all flesh.

  10. Please, TAKE YOUR Medication!


  11. I just watched the Margin Sapp special on the WORD Network 9/29/17. He said he has 5 children. Five? I've only heard about three offspring: a male and two females all of whom are in college.

  12. I just watched the Margin Sapp special on the WORD Network 9/29/17. He said he had 5 children? Five? Did anyone else hear him say that? I thought he just had three offspring: a male and two females, all of whom are in college.

  13. Brethren "if a man be over taken in a fault ye which are spiritual restore such a one the spirit of weakness concerning thyself less thou also so be temped..Gal 6:1....intercede for those that you think are lost so that they might make it in too..."show the Love of Christ Jesus"

    1. The verse does not apply to Sapp. Sapp is NO brother! He is not saved. You ever heard his conversion story? Read the BOOK of ACTS, and noted how PAUL testified even before high political officials, his encounter with Christ. Just because someone sing about the LORD (even his songs are ungodly) doesn't make him a Christian. Just because I sit in a garage, doesn't make me a CAR!

      And about interceding for the LOST, NO! The Lost need to hear the GOSPEL. They need to be told they are SINNERS on their way to HELL without trusting GOD died for them so they may live.


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