110th Holy Convocation Speakers, Announced!

Reader the Church of God In Christ organization has announced the anointed men and women who will deliver the dynamic, life-changing messages at this year’s Holy Convocation.....by way of their newly launched web site. 


  1. I wouldn't attend these events if they held it in my BACK YARD! I'D rather save my money they prefer I put in their plates and fly to BABYLON!

  2. I thought the Church of God in Christ Annual Holy Convocation was to celebrate its Legacy and to highlight its accomplishments and to give center stage to its own Up and Coming Ministers and Musician within the fold. Joel Osteen filling up every arena and stadium he can book across America for Profit.

    Total shame Blake moved the Convocations out of Memphis period, but it is obvious he is only concerned about his own Legacy. Joel Osteen ain't even Cogic, and he gets a fat check 6 figures no doubt that could help a rising Preacher in the COGIC flock with his family and church or district.

    People have really got to examine their allegiance to these religious establishments. They are no longer Soul Saving Christ Centered Bible adhering organizations, Strickly Business.
    Pray for the Members who pay all these huge salaries and tithes and offerings.

    It was really cool back in the day to see the Newest Young Minister come on the scene and encourage the body of Christ.

    Joel Osteen? Really?

  3. God Is LOVE! Fellowshipping With Other Saints Is Devine! The Ones Making Negative Comments Need A Little More JESUS! God HELP US ALL!

    1. They are all charlatans. fake frauds for profit scoffers. If a tithing member dies in Blakes church they have the funeral in the old moldy church building down the street. When a non-member celebrity has a funeral and there have been many they funeral is in the Cathedral. These fools are crazy giving em millions to stash away for themselves, for fame and fortune. Joel Osteen don't even read his bible on TV. The Word is God. What kind of message will he have for the Saints. Guess he will hoop and holler and bust a shout to get his million dollar honorarium.

      Did Osteen cancel his tour in LA after the hurricane hit. All that money could have went to victims. Churches aint got to check with nobody to open they doors to the poor and needy.

      These Mega churches got armed security walking around. And its very uncomfortable to see that in the House of the Lord. What happened to the Lord in a strong Tower, Protector in times of trouble.

      Unbelievable how they beg for money on TV 24 hours a day. Some do give to poor nations. But all the books, and tricks, and snake oil, and voodoo chains, shawls, bull horns is just crazy

  4. Once again in the words of Dr. Earl Carter Bishop Blake pastors a Babylonian church with a Walmart Marketing system that cuts the price to keep the people coming!


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