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Was Dick Gregory A Critic Of The Christian Church?!?!?!

Reader condolences to the family and friends of  Dick Gregory, comedian and civil rights activist who broke barriers in the 60's and became one of the first African-Americans to perform comedy at white clubs. 

Gregory would often weave in racial injustice and segregation into his acts while causing those around him to look closer into the issues at hand. He was also a health and spiritual advocate, a motivational speaker and an author. He was a true warrior for justice and a resounding voice of our time. His legacy will never be forgotten. Rest In Power! (The Portterhouse Church Dallas)

I find Apostle Brian Keith William Facebook comment interesting:

Dick Gregory has gone to meet his Maker, at 84. Appreciated his Wit and Wisdom. A Conspiracist personified. He said there were two Trump's. The red tie and the blue tie ones. Ha. Often, a critic of the Church. I hope he was right with God when he breathed his last breath. "It's appointed unto man, once to die, after that the judgment."


  1. Miss Ann,

    With all due respect, William has already shown that his kind don't like being criticized.

    However, regardless of whether it is Gregory or William, our God requires of us the same I.e. to obey his commandments.

    1. take your own advice

    2. So tell us how is she not taking her own advice, hata?

    3. Spend time on the blog, and you would know her reputation.

    4. It's obvious you don't have an answer. You are jealous of this woman. Reason being she's in the WORD, you ARE NOT!

      You are not only unbiblical, but you choose to make drive by claims like you did here. AGAIN, I ask, how is she not taking her own advice?

    5. @ take your own advice,

      I did.

      And I held my peace and watched the LORD fight for me (Exodus 14:14, 2 Chronicles 20:17, Psalm 119:22-23).

      Please do describe my reputation.

      All I do is to try to teach God's ways (Psalm 51:13) as I have learned from Him (Psalm 86:11). For I am NOT ashamed of the gospel of Christ (Romans 1:16).

  2. Dick's soul is burning. He has been a hater of CHRIST for a long time. That's my opinion.

    1. Dick Gregory was against institutionalized religion not Christianity. He was against the prosperity preaching and the materialistic church.

      Did he accept Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior? We won't know until we meet our Savior in that getting up morning.

    2. Sick always said "I am God, you are god". He's burning in hell.

  3. GodisthejudgeofusallSunday, 20 August, 2017

    Thank you Rev. Christian! FINALLY someone on this blog who doesn't put people in hell! We don't know what Mr. Gregory did or didn't do before God called his soul home. God is the ultimate judge of us all.

    Jesus told us there are some who will profess Lord, I did this, that and the other in Your name. Jesus will say depart from me workers of iniquity, I NEVER knew you.

    My point is some people we put in (condemn) to hell may be in heaven and some "saints" who are so sure (and self righteous) that they are going to heaven may be told to depart.

    1. Yup. No need to talk about people putting Dick in hell. Dick talk put himself in hell.

    2. No one seems to have a problem putting people in heaven. But as soon as someone say a person is in hell, all HELL Break loose.

      Dick Gregory is burning in the fire! Louis Farrakhan wii burn in the fire. Obama will smolter in the Lake. T D Jakws will wwep and gnash. Oprah will be consumed in everlasting torment. Dr. Kung, who denied the virgin birth, is feeling tge heat. Many here will be scorched. Dont like it, get saved!

    3. MLK? Please provide link to backup your claim. Thx

    4. Research yourself. It's not that hard to find.he denied the virgin birth, period!

    5. Anonymous "backup". I apologize for my smart alecky response. Here is the link.


  4. If Bro Gregory called on the Lord before he took his last breath....HE IS SAVED, and will be in heaven with the rest of the us. Rom 10:13 That's what God's Grace & Mercy is all about.

    1. And by the same token, If he didn't call on the LORD and died with the testimony he preached "I am God, You are God", HE IS LOST and IS BURNING in HELL!! Again like I said before, "No one seems to have a problem putting people in heaven. But as soon as someone say a person is in hell, all HELL Break loose."


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