John MacArthur On Charlottesville????

Reader during a Q&A this past Sunday evening (8/20), John MacArthur was asked about the recent protests and violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. His answer in my opinion suck. I love the teaching of  John MacArthur but this was not a good answer at all. I find it sad when evangelicals shy away from pointing out specific evils and injustices by just generally referring to them as sin. Yes, we know it is generally sin but it is not helpful to the sinner when the particular sin is not named by name. In my opinion, one of the main reason racism is still alive in America is because churches refuse to call it sin from the pulpit. 
 Imagine if we simply said about corruption by political figures "it is sin and we are in any case all sinners"; I mean how would we be able to deal with the corruption in practical terms if we did first call it what it is? Most Christian would acknowledge the inherent sinfulness of mankind. That is behind every sin ever committed. He gave the spiritual reason, but sin manifests itself in many ways lust, hate, envy, pride, in this case, it was the perceived superiority of the white supremacists. And yes that is very reason that blacks were enslaved, Dr. King was assassinated and the reason why white supremacists ride his vehicle through the crowd. John won't say it was racist because he voted for 45 who has inflamed these white supremacists.


  1. Agreed! I luv his teaching but anytime it comes to racism he nvr addresss it for what it is and yes unfortunatey he like me voted for 45 instead of crocked Hilary honestly im just not voting nxt time more and more im thinking thats the correct Christian stance.

    1. @ agreed anonymous,

      I quit voting after 44 stepped in office for the first term. And here's why:

      "It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything." (Joseph Stalin)

      It kind of made sense to me that actually there are persons behind the scenes who run numbers on us.

      Election/voting rituals are what they are - rituals. To get us in emotional and mental states hoping the next administration will care enough about the issues that are important to us. But they don't.

      Trust and believe there are rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:12).

      It is for our own spiritual good that WE excuse ourselves from these rituals.

      And good for you.

    2. YourVoteCounts!!Friday, 25 August, 2017

      I beg to differ! I was a city election official/administrator for 17 years and worked on elections for over 30 years. YOUR VOTE DOES COUNT!! It is irresponsible to not participate in the electoral process, however, that is your right. We would always say, " if you don't vote, don't complain!"

      Accurate counting of the vote is equally important.

      Stalin was a communist party dictator who became a socialist and he was responsible for approximately 2.9 deaths. . I'm not taking any cues from him!

    3. @ YourVotesCount,

      You don't have to take your cues from Stalin who is allegedly responsible for 2.9m deaths. But the people who are supporting the wars in Afghanistan, Syria, etc are definitely taking cues from him.

      Do we know the death toll in the past 20 years from the countries of Somalia, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, etc? They would make Stalin's total child's play.

      Open your eyes and see who the rulers of darkness of this world are. And how they make you count your city votes, but you are not counting all the state and national votes. Someone else is.

    4. YourVotesCount!!Friday, 25 August, 2017

      Incorrect. I beg to differ again. In my county, city, state and federal votes were tallied at the same central location until we switched to M-100s, a machine which tallied the ballots as they were inserted into machine. The M-100 has a paper tape which shows vote totals for each candidate or proposal. The machine also has a memory card that records the totals. Sorry, I had to be technical to explain this.

      Maybe you are speaking of the electoral college, when the majority popular vote of the people sometimes results in fewer electoral college votes for a candidate as happened in Hillary Clinton's case.

    5. And so with the electoral college does your vote still count?

    6. Absolutely!! The reason HC lost is although she got enough of the popular vote, she did not win enough states to be awarded the corresponding electoral college votes to secure the presidency.

      The same thing happened to Al Gore; he won the popular vote (even after the FL mess). It has happened 5 times in U.S. history.

  2. Perfect John McArthur!

    The question was "What is Biblical and Christ proclaiming view of what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia.?"

    McArthur responded human heart is desperately wicked, hostile and proud, and that fallen humanity is corrupt. That many sin against the restraint to their conscience to react to the moral law and are taught to react to a twisted moral law as influenced by the devil.

    For any who disagree with John McArthur's response, Why not attempt to give your answer to the QUESTION -

    "What is Biblical and Christ proclaiming view of what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia.?"

    I'm all ears.

    1. Natasshia Roxanne HallFriday, 25 August, 2017

      Wow. That was majorly inadequite and just so wrong. Basically a more churchy theological way to say "on many sides...on many sides"
      He kept saying "no one tolerates the Klan" "this wasn't about slavery" White Supremacy is our countries oldest and most enduring institutions, we absolutely tolerate the KKK in America, and it IS about race it's always been about race (which isn't mutually exclusive with saying it's about sin) and apparently even with all the spent with civil rights leaders MacAurthur must not have been listening to them (not suprised).
      Also notice how he fits the events of Charlottesville into a very conservative decline-of-society narrative (which is why he has to say it isn't about race) it's about the how secular millineals are basically.
      Also the last one is about police, your right Dave, It was on-duty police that killed Perkins' brother and almost killed him... But true to form, the REAL reason Charlottesville happened is because we no longer fear or respect police officers (an obvious dog-whistle btw).
      Ms. Ann this was shameful!

    2. Nope Natahshia Hall!

      You are not going to get away with saying "majorly inadequate and just so wrong."

      Again, the question was "What is Biblical and Christ proclaiming view of what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia.?"

      You said McArthur was majorly inadequate. YOU then give us the answer.
      You only mumbled you silly little opinion to say "But true to form, the REAL reason Charlottesville happened is because we no longer fear or respect police officers (an obvious dog-whistle btw).". NO BIBLE AT ALL!

      WHAT'S really "TRUE TO FORM" is all those HERE, who hide behind the "white evangelical" and "TRUMP is a racist, narcissistic" card will not even ATTEMPT to ANSWER this QUESTION! They are just professing Christians, who don't read their Bibles. At least John McArthur gave a Scriptural Response to the question.

      Like EARL CARTER says "CROSS is waiting" and so am I, to read a response, an answer to the question!

      I'm all ears!

  3. Here's what's not liked about MacArthur. #1. He voted Trump. Ok, I get it. Now, at 5:17-5:22 he said this isn't about race, now ya'll listen, within context with everything he said, I definitely understand what he is saying. Now immediately after 5:22, at 5:23 the man said out his mouth no one can tolerate white supremacy or the KKK. He combined what he said with the evil of the human heart of what is going on today. ESPECIALLY when he said these evils are becoming unleashed in all kind of forms. Uh, am I missing something? I think he did pretty good.. just saying. OH! I get it, ya'll want him to throw Trump up against the wall, call him the most evil of all time.. lol. I got it now.. sorry, haha...

  4. as a pastor John MacArthur did exactly what God called him to do, stand on the Word of God. He gave the biblical response to what's going on in the world today.

    If we're going to be fair and look for our Caucasian brothers and sisters to call out hate groups that are white, we must also call out the hate groups that are black. (Louis Farrakhan and the NOI, Black Lives Matter, etc.)

    1. You right Rev. Kareem. I've sent email after email to BLM saying, "I'd somewhat support ya'll if you'd cover black on black murder also. No response. Zero. Yes, talk about white cops killing black folks, I get it! But ya'll need to talk about blacks murdering blacks, it's off the chain right now. Unreal.

    2. @ Timezone,

      We know that BLM isn't financed by the black community. Their objectives are aligned with the money man (Soros).

      Pookie selling drugs on the corner gets shot and killed by a rival gang.

      Pookie getting shot at (and not killed) while trying to escape arrest by a white cop.

      Let me know which story will get nationwide media coverage.

      And BLM foot soldiers know this including Mr. Money Bags.

    3. Rev. Kareem ����������


  5. Edom WILL not condemn himself.

  6. Rev. Kareem, You are 100% right.


  7. John Macarthur voted for Trump and now he can't be wrong and say Trump was CLEARLY wrong about anything. Even the Secretary of State Tillerson has distanced himself from the president on Charlottesville by saying "the president speaks for himself."


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