Is There A Downside To Church Integration For Black Christians??

Reader I have always considered myself to be unapologetically black and unapologetically Christian. This young man wrote an article the other day that's getting a lot of push back.  I am all for what he wrote and can really see how it would be beneficial.  I definitely know the impact of being in groups of "all women", or "all moms" or "all anything" it does my heart good! I like how the young man pointed out that we don't "live" in these places, especially as bridge-builders and as people called to be in fellowship with those who are different from ourselves, but that these spaces are nonetheless critically important for spiritual/emotional health. Thanks, Jemar Tisby for capturing the intersectionality of our faith in Christ, and our historical and contextual realities as black people in America.

"It is sinful to segregate out of hate for other people or with a desire for permanent separation. But black community empowers us to live more racially integrated lives, not less. With a solid sense of self and the confidence in others’ support of us, black Christians can engage a world built around whiteness with courage and patience." 

"...In an integrated church that is still predominantly white, black Christians have to seek out places where we can be ourselves. These are communities within communities, where people of color gather in a shared sense of their past and their present social condition. Black Christians long for spaces where they can be proud, black, and free."

"We want places to lament when the next unarmed black person is killed by law enforcement. We want “amens” from people who understand what it’s like when a classmate or co-worker insinuates that your presence is only due to affirmative action...As much as we love our white brothers and sisters, we don’t always want to have to explain the essence of being black. In integrated settings with white Christians, we have to unpack basic ideas about the black experience. We have to talk about privilege, white supremacy, systemic racism, black culture, food, and music. These explanations are exhausting. It’s hard to have a 401 level solidarity with people who are on a 101 level of racial awareness..." 

Jemar Tisby"

The various comments that I’ve read from some of the individuals on his post, clearly demonstrate how our faith has been used to systemically de-culturize and invalidate our God-given identities and experiences as people of African descent.


  1. All I can say is AMEN...while the Black Inner City Church is struggling to survive and minister to the really broken. The " they" run to us for help/support when they want to do ministry, but their tithes and developed skills are used to better the other. And I'm not a racist...

  2. He is way too old for that hairstyle... pls stop it & comb your hair sir

  3. And let the Church say Amen. He spoke the TRUTH. Say what you want to there's some very special about the African American Church and our Sisterhood and Brotherhood. And don't nobody have Church like we do. They try to inmitate US but it just doesn't work. Don't nobody understand each other like African Americans understand each other. It's an outstanding article. Thank you Lady Brock for sharing it. And kudos to the young man for writing the aricle and keeping it honest.

  4. So glad I'm "unapologetically" A Follower of Jesus Christ. He will seperate the sheep from the goats AND blackness will have NOTHING to do with it. Thank God!! So, keep going down that culture road. MAYBE you will hear HIM say...."Well done, GOOD and FAITHFUL servant"..., OR, you MIGHT hear HIM say..."Depart from ME, you worker of iniquity"...! You think Because you are Black, He will say, "come on in". How we need to WAKE UP! I hope you make it! Only Jesus! In Christ Alone, RLR.

    1. You got it RLR! No telling who this agent provocateur id working for. I'm quite sure he's getting paid to sow this type discord. He is not a Christian, yet speaks as a Pharisee to say what's best for God's people. This dude definitely suffers from cognitive dissonance. He preaches another gospel, a social gospel which is no gospel at all, of whom Paul says about him ANATHEMA!

      "And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of." 2 Peter 2:2

  5. Makes sense to me! Reminds me of comments from Andy Crouch on the importance of having spaces where people can be "culturally fluent." As an American raised in the Philippines (a TCK--Third Culture Kid), I can relate to this.

  6. Hey folks on vacation. Been looking at the postings but when I saw this one, gotta comment. In 94' I left World Changers, after that, went to another church and left in 2009 to join a mixed church. It started out wonderful. I would say it was 60% white 30% black,latino,asian.... It was wonderful. The pastor and wife who are both white were wonderful, everything started out great! THe pastor saw that they were in need of music leadership because the lady who was in charge and white, just didn't have it. Sorry. I started out playing as a backup on keys. She couldn't play worth anything. She would tell me to don't do that chord becuase its too jazzy or soulful, lol. Others in the church were like, "finally we got some flavor up in here." haha. Anyway to make a loooooooooong story short, the pastor and his wife strategically tried over and over to hire someone in my wife and I's place because the pastor's wife was jealous of my wife. Not exgerrating. It was unreal. Anyway, the pastor posted my job description on-line without me knowing it. He later apologized. You see, his wife wanted that rock sound. Hillsong, Jesus Culture, etc.. (In which we were already doing but without the guitar rock sound distortion junk). My point is, making this story short, my wife and I witnessened first hand racism. RLR, you are correct one's skin tone ain't gonna get you in heaven but it will be a long while before I 100% trust a wife minister, I sorry ya'll. Yes, I do believe there are white ministers out there who don't have a hidden agenda, but with my experience, it's been a trip. Like with my wife when she was in Tulsa, OK, many of the white churches she was a member of their belief was, (BLACK FOLKS CAN'T HERE FROM GOD LIKE THEY CAN). I kid you not. I want to be clear however, I am close friends with white musicians but as for ministers, I have a long way to go. I must end with, when it's all said and done, skin tone will not matter. OH! I ran into the pastor and his wife sitting at Firehouse subs, I gave them a big ol' hug, loved them and said God bless you to the both of them.Trust me, this story is longer than what I'm typing. Lol. Love ya'll..

    1. @ Timezone,

      I have seen a similar situation.

      I one time attended a church led by a white pastor and his wife. The church is located in the downtown area of my city. So majority of the youth who came to church were mainly black.

      At the time this church started, the pastor's wife was in charge of music and played the keyboard. The pastor did the singing and the preaching.

      Soon enough there were young men and women who were recruited to sing. And they had to sing the songs chosen and directed by the Pastor's wife.

      One time, the pastor and his wife had to go for a deserved summer holiday because they had spent a number of years building the church with no vacation in between.

      The young man they left in charge of the music and choir made minor changes. The music became more in tune with his generation and the worship songs became more soulful.

      When the pastor and his wife returned, they noticed the difference. Whenever it was announced that the young man would lead the praise portion - there would be a joyful noise from the congregation.

      Needless to say, it didn't take long before this young man and his family moved elsewhere.

      A black youth pastor at the time dated a white young lady and made known his marriage intentions to the pastor. It's said they went through a more rigorous counseling and at some point the pastor resisted them. They did get married after the elders intervened.

      The pastor later on sent his daughter to Canada for college. It was said he didn't want her to interact with the black brothers. She never came back and she got married to a white Canadian.

      Even though Paul said there is neither Jew nor Greek (Galatians 3:28-29), there is still a difference in how the races interact.

      But like you say, it's all love. We as believers should relate with different races as we would with our own. But we shouldn't think that they would treat us the same.

  7. Yes sir Bruh, it is sad to experience jealousy IN THE CHURCH. So on that note, would you like to hear some of my experiences about "church jealousy"? Man, I've got many to tell. Seen a whole lot of it in Bible College, churches in Germany, multi-racial churches, etc...(been around for awhile). As well as my German white wife (a humble woman) Because some of the SISTAS' was jealous of her being full of the Word and Spirit. As a matter of fact, she was raised Catholic, BUT, became the Valedictorian at our Bible College Because she knew what Jesus did for her. One of her experiences was with a SO-CALLED wanna-be Prophetes that wanted my wife to elevate her when we were leaving Germany... Foolishness! So, you keep STANDING on the Word and noone will be able to SWAY you. As always...ONLY JESUS! In Christ Alone, RLR.


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