A Pastoral Letter to The Members of Mount Tabor Church from Bishop Neil Ellis!

Reader, Former Minister of National Insurance and Immigration of the Bahamas, the Honorable David Shane Gibson was in police custody a couple of  days ago. His Grace Bishop Neil Ellis has written a pastoral letter on Mr. Gibson behalf. 



  1. Miss Ann,

    If an unknown member of Ellis' church had suffered the same fate he is mourning about, would he have done the same?

    Or is it because he is aware that the investigations may lead a trail to his church?

    He, without shame supported the late Bishop Long. And now his support for "Hon. Shane Gibson" is suspect regardless that his (Gisbon) wife is a pastor who has served with distinction (and this could be translated to $$$).

    He quotes scripture like he has something to hide.

    Ellis should get somewhere and sit down!

  2. (I'm the different Anonymous). Shows how spiritualy Ignorant some of these people are..."his grace"?? Are you kidding me?? So, I guess this will be another "title" added within the Church World?? The only one due this title IS the Lord Jesus Christ. But, even [HE] was a servant.

  3. I am from The Bahamas and Neil Ellis is the laughing stock on social media. Shane Gibson become a multimillionaire as a civil servant - UNBELIEVABLE. Tell Neil Ellis explain how Shane is able to afford to live in an exclusive gated community while on a basic salary.

    Shane is known for scandals. Google Ana Nicole Smith and Shane Gibson and tell me what comes up.

    1. DDJ,

      A lot does come up. Ellis must have skipped class during the "hurricane" situation.

    2. Exactly! Shane is filled with scandals. I guess he was a big donor from bribery proceeds. Neil should be ashamed of himself.

  4. (I'm the different Anonymous..just me) @DDJ, thank you for the INFO. As "shepherd" said, a lot does come up. WOW!! So much MESS, CORRUPTION, DISHONESTY, FOOLISHNESS, APOSTACY, (Shall I continue)...going on in the church. UNBELIEVABLE!! Is anyone going to REALLY stand up for Righteousness and Holiness as we are commanded to do? YES, Only those who SACRIFICE (live a blameless lifestyle...THROUGH THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT) their life for the sake of Jesus Christ. THIS, Y'ALL, (AS WELL AS OTHER THINGS) is what is SICKENING in the sight of "ALL MIGHTY GOD" (and my comment was deleted). SO sad how the church has fallen. BTW, scripture verse....2 Tim. 4:1-5. BIBLE!!

    1. Neil has no shame! I can't see how people continue to follow him. Well, he has lost a lot of following in his church. Only GUF keeping him afloat


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